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Thrills and spills await you in this epic quest, where you play as Lara-Su from the esteemed "The Lara-Su Chronicles" comic book series (copyright Ken Penders), and must rescue Ken Penders who has been kidnapped and held hostage at the evil Ar'chi Castle. Discover your destiny in a diva'ous adventure like no other in this Tiger exclusive, designed to cater to modern audiences.

Created for RAGE 2016

Great Lange - game design, graphics, sound, writing
Tpot - programming, expert
PicsAndPixels - sprites, graphics, writing

Latest reviews

The funniest thing I've seen! XD It's amazing! So bad on purpose, I love it!
its so cool and so cool and you pley as lerasu and kil bad gui and is so fun and cool and god and please somebody fucking help me i haven't eaten for 6 months and i can't get out of this fucking basement i'm being forced to write this someone send help oH GOD WAIT PLEASE NO HAVE FUCKING MERCY DFGLFLKGDFKLGKDJLFGJKLF
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It's so terrible that it's perfect and I love it. I may not be 100% on my Ken Penders lore, but I knew enough to enjoy this.

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