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SAGE 2022 - Complete Kirby's Halloween Adventure (2020-2021 Update)

General Information

(Boxart by @GAMACHEAH1, thanks dude!)
Story Time:
A shady presence takes over Dream Land... the entire land of Dream Land is being transformed into.... a spooky paradise?!

It's Halloween Time! And everyone at Dream Land has been dreaming of celebrating it! However, a shady figure has taken over our precious Dream Land morphing everything into the shape of a sinister looking land! Grassy areas have now been turned into orange prairies full of pumpkins, the seasides turn into a spooky night time, a tower of terror rises from the graves... the world is going crazy!

King Dedede has fallen under a shady influence... and he has ordered all of his soldiers and underlings to scatter all pieces of the Star Rod! Kirby must help gather them back all together and defeat the evil that reigns all over! Kirby must traverse all these different lands and put everything back to normal, so the spirit of Halloween can be saved!
Oh Kirby, what spooky mess has this land gotten into?

The Project:
This is a romhack of Kirby's Adventure! It released in 2018 at and got minor updates on 2019 to fit in. It was featured on Antdude's channel very recently, which motivated me to do a further update beyond just graphic modifications.

This romhack features:

  • Modified sprites for EVERY enemy in the game. And features multiple versions of the same enemies (Waddle Dees and Doos can appear as dressing up with devil horns, ghosts with blankets, or with pirate bandannas; Bronto Burts can be Boolers or Flappers, etc)​
  • New Palettes for every level! Even mostly unmodified levels will still look completely different, mostly with a sunset, night, autumn or darker aesthetic overall.​
  • New Portraits! Just a little bonus gift to make each ability look different, and also to shove more references inside.​

While the previous versions limited to subtly changing graphics, however.....

This update brings a whole plethora of new features!:

  • 6 New Level Tilesets!: What does this mean? Basically the game has unused coding space inside of it, so 6 new level tropes have been squeezed in! These are: Old West, Art Gallery, Graveyard, Factory, Haunted Circus, and Volcanic Temple​
  • Which means... fully modified level design! Most levels have been edited to take full advantage of each possible tileset, so this will be a much different trip than the usual Kirby's Adventure you're used to!​
  • Modified boss encounters! Before this update, the most changes each boss got was a recolor at best. But now all bosses feature either custom looking arenas, custom sprites, or both at the same time! Ranging from Autumn Whispy, to Adeleine replacing Paint Roller, Meta Knight donning a Tuxedo Mask outfit, among many other surprises!​
  • Edited UI! Nothing too major, but changed the graphics to feature more Halloween related graphics (Candy in place of the HP stuff, and the Kirby icon now carries a candy bag)​
  • Custom looking level intros! Before the only change to these cutscenes was the text displaying the level's name (Vegetable Valley changed to Pumpkin Prairie, etc). Now every level does feature custom graphics/palettes to accompany the level trope and describe each level's feel better.​
  • And more!​

This has been a huge update in the works for months, and easily a really ambitious project to push the game to its very limit. So far Worlds 1, 2 and 6 are all completed. World 7 is almost complete, while the other 3 worlds still remain somewhat unmodified, but this'll be updated in a few weeks to have everything completed now that the tedious part of the job is over with (sprite editing, tileset making, palette changes, etc). This will allow level editing to be swift and smooth.
Edit: Every level is complete now! Thanks a lot to everyone who waited patiently for them to get finished! All Worlds have fully modified levels now!
Sadly we couldn't get custom music into this project, because of how this part of the game hasn't been documented well, so it's gonna be tedious to attempt to introduce it. Hopefully we can contact somebody to add the music in someday.

And with that, we hope you enjoy this project! Below there will be many screenshots to showcase most of the new stuff this hack has to offer, but we'll leave a few surprises for you to find out. A video will be posted soon after, so keep an eye out for that! Thanks a lot for reading, the bps patch will be on here, so get to playing if you want!

How to patch!

  1. Nab yourself a copy of the Rev A rom of Kirby's Adventure (buy and support the original!).​
  2. Grab FLIPS (Lunar IPS patcher).​
  3. Go to Apply Patch.​
  4. Select the patch you just downloaded, then select the Rev A rom you acquired.​
  5. And run it on your favorite emulator! It's that simple.​
System recommendations:

The original game is prone to lag a bit, but it can be enjoyed without lag on Mesen's or FCEUX's emulator.


  1. Go to Options -> Emulation​
  2. Click the Overclocking Tab​
  3. PPU Vertical Blank Configuration​
  4. Type a large number (even 999) for the first option (Before NMI).​
  5. And presto! Enjoy Halloween Adventure with zero lag (this applies for the original as well)​

  1. Go to Config->Timing​
  2. Go to overclocking and put a high number on it (100-200 will do fine)​
  3. And presto! Enjoy Halloween Adventure with zero lag (this applies for the original as well)​

Edit (10/01/2020): New Patch has been added in! Old download has been replaced, and now all of the levels have been properly replaced now, we hope you enjoy the definitive Halloween Adventure experience!
Edit (10/04/2020): New Version of the patch has been added in, Bonkers mid-boss has been updated as well as some minor glitches in level design.
Edit (10/12/2021): The final patch is upon us! Nearly a dozen new enemies have been introduced, many more cosmetic changes to the subgames and world maps, difficulty adjusted, two new mid-bosses, and every level is now completely changed! You won't find many parallels between the original game and this romhack's levels.
The game is finished now!

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