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SAGE 2022 - Demo Mega Man at the Tokyo Olympics 2 (SAGE '22 Demo)

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A story-based sequel to a Mega Man 5 hack, continuing from my Mega Man 3 hack called Mega Man at the Tokyo Olympics, which is based on Kuja Killer's Mega Man 3 Improvement version 2.3. Since winning the Olympics at Tokyo Stadium, Mega Man had no idea that Bass changed the 1964 timeline from the first Mega Man at the Tokyo Olympics story, unleashing the new virus during the Tokyo Olympics, which is held in the year 2020 (NOT 2021 compared with real life).

In this demo, all 13 of the original 16 stages are completed. However, two of the final stadium stages have no boss fights. Some bugs may be encountered. Wily 2, 3, and 4 are omitted, but Wily 1 is an intro level.

There's currently no weakness change, AI editing, but some ASM coding is installed. The music is from Chiko's Darkness of Shaow World, but its usage is temporary as I am planning to insert my own set of tunes.

Just like Mega Man at the Tokyo Olympics, the sequel game will have custom sprite bosses, weapons, and even a playable character sprite.
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