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Horn of Balance [Fangame build - SAGE'21]

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This is a fangame all about dungeons, puzzles and discovery, using an engine build from the ground up. Start your adventure playing silly games with childhood friends and you will soon have the freedom to go wherever you want to go. To collect ancient rings, beat imposing bosses and maybe even reach the mirror side of the world.

Main features include:
- Small, but packed, overworld(s)
- Full item set from the original game, with a few tweaks and surprises
- 6 main dungeons, with side areas and placeholders for future developments
- Non-linear dungeon order and progression (to an extent - if you want)
- A quirky ghost called Murray. (You can't miss him. He'll make sure of it).

Thank you for checking out my little project. Try it out, beat it and leave me a comment. All feedback welcome as I continuously try to improve my work.


D - Action button (open doors / read text / grab / etc) + Confirm button (while in menus)
G - Attack button (hold and release for a full swing attack) + Cancel button (while in menus)
S - Perform run action (if you have the boots available)
R - Use item A
F - Use item B
Space - Brings up item menu
Enter - Brings up map menu
Escape - Pauses the game (can be used to exit the game)

* The controls and screen resolution can be changed in the options menu at the start of the game



Want to stay updated?

Check out this forum topic for (semi)weekly progress updates:

You can also contact me at [email protected] if you want to receive notifications about major project developments only.


Currently forming one to apply this engine in an original IP in the (near) future.
I'm specifically looking for pixel artists to join. If you're interested to learn more (=concept, plans, compensation) then I invite you to contact me at the emailadress above to set up a conversation.

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Thank you, to all those that have tried out my game during the 2021 event.

I am currently working hard to incorporate the suggestions that I've received and I will post the next game's version on this site afterwards. Past that point all future developments, dev logs and new demo's can (only) be found at:
Thank you for playing and reviewing my game.
You can adjust the screen resolution via the options, found on the game select screen. I'm currently working on an updated download anyway so the few bugs you've encountered will be fixed in about a day or so. If you've encountered more issue then was shown, be sure to let me know so that I can adres those as well.
A small update regarding this project:
1. The focus of development has finally shifted away from Zelda assets and towards the creation of the original IP called "Horn of Balance". The next goal is to have a small demo ready for SAGE 2022 and a kickstarter in the second half of the same year.
2. A discord sever has been created for those that are interested to follow my progress via weekly updates, and those that just want to hang out. Join link :

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