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Fan Game Unlimited Trees' Sonic 1 - SAGE 2017 Demo

Discussion in 'Creation Labs' started by Unlimited Trees, Aug 28, 2017.

  1. Unlimited Trees

    Unlimited Trees Going home

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    SAGE Booth
    So Unlimited Trees' Sonic 1 (UTS1) is a dumb ROM hack turned Fan Game that was originally going to be a 1 act rom hack, but after a ton of frustrations, was turned into a fan game, and now will be a full length game. At the moment, the game has been in development for 2 months and only has half of the main game done. So, this is just a demo at the moment.

    The game's story starts at the end of a previous adventure. Sonic has arrived at the Egg Plant and is about to win a fight. However, turns out it was all a distraction, and Eggman was secretly taking over South Island aswell as investigating a mysterious 7th emerald that has seemed to be lost in time. Eggman even managed to snatch another Emerald, and plans on using all the emeralds to not only control the universe, but to control time itself.
    Make sure to read the readme file btw. Credits are also in the readme file, the beginning of the game, aswell as in the extras menu.

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    Last edited: Sep 30, 2017
  2. Sketch

    Sketch E Rank Member

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    Lookin' forward to this~!
  3. Nintender

    Nintender You know, that one guy.

    • Messages: 51
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    I've been loving the palette choices you've made for the sprites.
    Sonic looks nice in particular, for some reason it reminds me of the 8-bit titles on Game Gear and Master System.
    I am excited to see this in SAGE 2017.
  4. Lilac

    Lilac E Rank Member

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    Looking pretty well! I look forward to see how this is gonna end!
  5. B0M

    B0M Lilark

    • Messages: 18
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    Looking good.
  6. SpaZzy

    SpaZzy Pro Shitposter

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    Looks fukin mad dood
  7. Kalgor

    Kalgor E Rank Member

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  8. ElectricSparx

    ElectricSparx E Rank Member

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    Oh man, that artwork looks really good.
  9. Ay Jay

    Ay Jay That guy who really likes Cave Story

    • Messages: 8
    • Likes Received: 14
    It's incredible to see how far this game has come since it's ROM hack days. Definitively gonna play it at this year's SAGE.
  10. Krebbit

    Krebbit the wifi here sucks

    • Messages: 31
    • Likes Received: 16
    How are there so many sprite gods in one community?
    This is beautiful Trees.
  11. Unlimited Trees

    Unlimited Trees Going home

    • Messages: 113
    • Likes Received: 89

    SAGE Booth
  12. MrKsoft

    MrKsoft E Rank Member

    • Messages: 3
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    Gave the demo a shot. I really have to congratulate you for managing to wrestle the Construct 2 Sonic Physics plugin into something workable. I've been working with it on and off and wasn't sure whether it was ready for prime-time. There's obviously some inaccuracy in the physics handling but that is to be expected (biggest problem to me being that too much momentum is lost going up hills, and it makes navigating the levels difficult when combined with the lack of spindash). But hey, good job getting something running with it that really does feel like Sonic, I like that. I also really enjoy the graphical style you've put together and the eclectic music choices.

    On the other hand, the control scheme is absolutely maddening. I can't get used to the directions being on the opposite side of the keyboard than they usually are. The "special" areas of each level are also really unintuitive, especially when you need to hop back and forth between WASD and the arrow keys (first and third zones). I was unable to finish any of the levels before giving up because of how much the special controls were bothering me (I beat the Pacman thing in the second zone, only for the Pac-machine to take a completely different direction than I was pressing on the way to the exit and kill me-- that was the last straw for that level as it had been throwing me random directions my entire time in that maze).

    It's really a good base, but it's being sullied by all those special sections with the different gameplay. I think they'd be fine if they meshed better with the existing controls and gameplay without taking the player out of the Sonic experience so much, but as is they are distracting and frustrating.
  13. Unlimited Trees

    Unlimited Trees Going home

    • Messages: 113
    • Likes Received: 89
    Yay, somebody finally posted a thing about the game, now I can post in this thread without shamelessly doing a double post like I did earlier. First off, I know about some of the inaccuracy of the plugin. I've been trying to find out ways to make the physics more accurate, and I've had only a few people who helped with beta testing, so it was kinda hard to fix the physics.

    Also, I'm sorry that you don't like the use of the WASD keys, but I've always hated the arrow keys and never understood why people use them for 2D games despite most 3D games using WASD. I also don't understand how you died when exiting the Pac-Man area. If you can show a video or anything, I'll try to look into it. Anyways, thanks for the criticism.

    Also, P.S. I've kind of known no one would like the Puyo section in Egg Plant Zone, especially with having to switch between the arrow keys and WASD, so I made it the only section in which you can skip the special area by taking two specific paths. I won't tell you how to get to these areas, but they involve going through a bunch of pipes aswell as finding a way to get to the complete bottom of the map.
  14. MrKsoft

    MrKsoft E Rank Member

    • Messages: 3
    • Likes Received: 4
    The issue I experienced in the Pacman area weren't specifically tied to the exit, but a more generic issue experienced when passing through junction points. Say there's a T junction, and I'm holding coming in from the left, and want to go straight across, I would be holding right and despite that I would start heading down at the intersection instead of across. It doesn't happen 100% consistently, it's maybe 50/50 whether you take the same path as the direction you're pressing. Video probably wouldn't show much unless I could get my keypresses in the picture somehow. Anyway this killed me because I didn't end up going the direction I wanted and hit a ghost. :(
  15. Unlimited Trees

    Unlimited Trees Going home

    • Messages: 113
    • Likes Received: 89
    Oh right. Yeah, I know about this. It's mostly due to my limited knowledge when it comes to programming. I tried replicating the way that in Pac-Man, if you're moving against a wall and press a direction, as soon as you get off that wall, you move in that direction. However, in this game, you will continue moving in the direction and can't stop moving unless you go the opposite way. It's kind of hard to explain, but just know that it's all because I'm a terrible "programmer"
  16. Nintender

    Nintender You know, that one guy.

    • Messages: 51
    • Likes Received: 12
    The game is very slow for me. I don't know why really. Probably because Construct 2 is a dick.
  17. Unlimited Trees

    Unlimited Trees Going home

    • Messages: 113
    • Likes Received: 89
    Yeah, I've gotten a few reports from some people who've been getting slow down. I'm not sure how to fix it, so ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  18. SunkythePootis

    SunkythePootis E Rank Member

    • Messages: 12
    • Likes Received: 10
    I've decided to play that demo you posted here out of pure curiosity. After playing it I can say that I wasn't impressed with the demo and at times I got rather miffed with what I was playing. Let me try to explain why.

    Visually I do think the demo looks pretty nice with smooth animations for Sonic and all the details the sprites have going on, though sometimes I do think the amount of dithering on certain sprites can make them look a bit "grainy" for lack of better words.
    The controls themselves are quite decent though at times pretty slippery, though I do wish there were some options to rebind the keyboard keys because I'm personally not a fan of using W,A,S,D to control a 2D platformer.
    While the level design is decent for a Classic Sonic game with them having some different paths to take plus a decent variety of gimmicks to interact with, the things that ruined my enjoyment with the levels were the parts that referenced different games like Pac Man, Portal and Puyo Puyo. Speaking of Puyo Puyo, that section in Egg Plant was the most tedious section to go through due to three issues that added up to make it frustrating:
    1. You have to put down the puyos falling while at the same time controlling Sonic, which is not easy to do due to you not be able to see the top of the board, and the puyos start falling with gravity as soon as you press down. This makes it really easy to get crushed if you're used to regular Puyo puyo, since holding down usually speeds up the decent of the puyo instead of triggering gravity.
    2. As soon as one puyo reaches the top of the screen, no more puyos spawn even if there's clearly enough room for more to fall down.
    3. Those freaking bumpers! Seriously why are they here for a Puyo Puyo climbing section? It takes one bump from them to knock you off the tower and force yourself to start all over.
    The Pac Man and Portal sections weren't nearly as frustrating with the only issues with them being the Pac Man Robot's tendency of going through any open path it comes across despite me not wanting to go there, and some parts in the Portal section not being very clear for where I could place the portals. Still I think the Pac Man gimmick could have worked better if the maze was a smaller maze instead of it being a full round of Pac Man, and the Portal gimmick could have had some challenges that involved Sonic's physics like what later puzzles in Portal 1 and 2 would do.

    So I can see potential for the Pac Man and Portal gimmicks being better stage gimmicks, but the bosses however....oh boy I have tons of problems with these bosses. Let me describe my issues with each of the boss fights:
    - Egg Plant's boss suffered from bullets gradually coming out of nowhere as you get closer to defeat Eggman and due to how small the room was, the only way I could defeat Eggman was to spam that "Hard Roll" move until he was defeated.

    - Hot Forest's boss was a case of me only being able to stand on the ledge of a platform and hope that either the moving platform in the center doesn't suddenly pick Sonic up or I time my jump correctly so I can hit Eggman without bouncing into the lava. In a game that doesn't have as many invincibility frames compared to other Sonic games, I ended up easily being knocked into the lava and then dying a millisecond later. Then when Eggman was on his last hit one platform was completely covered in fireball spam which is just plain cheap considering the other platform wasn't completely covered in fireballs. If you ask me this boss could have worked better as either a boss in a wide open plain or like the auto-running bosses in Sonic Advance 2 because it would allow more room to dodge the projectiles and still be able to score a hit on Eggman, compared to your boss arena which is just Marble Zone's arena but with a random moving platform added.

    - Bright Paradise's boss was the worst one and might just be the worst boss I've encountered in any fan made game in a while. The spike shooters from the top were had to dodge, Sonic is somehow able to jump despite falling in the air, even with the hard roll it was hard to hit Eggman due to his rather small hit box, and lastly THOSE F**KING BUMPERS! The amount of bumpers constantly showing up to bounce Sonic into Eggman or the spikes, combined with the bumpers that were already hovering around Eggman, those made the boss rage quit worthy. The spike shooters were enough of a hazard to deal with, the added bumpers were unnecessary and only made the boss cheap.
    In general the bosses suffered from having very little room to dodge any possible attacks, Eggman's hit box being difficult to make contact with (plus the hit box still being there when he's defeated), and cheap moves being pulled that you won't see coming.

    Last major problem I have with the gameplay is the odd lack of polish with the game's engine. You can still get damaged when in the chemical plant pipes, there's no game over system making the lives counter kind of pointless, and I've noticed cases of Sonic not being aligned with the tiles very well.
    This is obviously a demo so these will no doubt be fixed as you continue to improve the engine but I thought it was worth mentioning for the long run. Oh and maybe next time you send out the downloads, maybe don't package both the "win32" and "win64" builds in the same same zip because that just makes the download bigger than it needs to be. It would better if you either did separate downloads for the 32 and 64-bit versions, or just send out the "win32" version since this is just a 2D platformer that isn't quite intensive enough to make a 64-bit version needed.

    Overall, I didn't get much enjoyment from playing your demo outside of the extra Warehouse and Green Hill Zone levels which were decent at best, but mainly because of them not having a badly executed gimmick near the end with a cheap boss following afterwards. I can definitely tell you've improved a lot since I played Pepsi in Sonic 1 last year and I do wish you luck with this project, but this game does need a fair bit of work on in order to make it a better experience.
    Last edited: Sep 6, 2017
  19. Unlimited Trees

    Unlimited Trees Going home

    • Messages: 113
    • Likes Received: 89
    I was originally planning on just being lazy and not responding to criticism becuase I was originally a bit butt hurt but then I remembered that criticism is a good thing so I shall respond.

    I've been trying to improve the physics as much as I could, and I want this game to be as good as possible, so I can probably find a way to make it less slippery by probably making the deceleration faster. As for WASD, I know people don't like it, but I hate the arrow keys to hell and back and this will continue to be the main control scheme for every single one of my games, so just deal with it lol.

    Man as soon as I made that Puyo section I knew people wouldn't like it lol.
    Basically, the falling thing is because of me not during research and being too lazy to program the thing correctly. The Puyos no longer spawning after they reach the top and nothing happening was due to me also being lazy, so I just added the Suicide Button in case you get stuck. Finally, the bumpers I added because I thought the game was too easy. I guess I can remove them but then the section would be completely meaningless.

    The Pac-Man robot doing that thing was already explained above, but basically it was due to my limited knowledge in programming. As for the Portal section, I can try to fix it by adding some spikes and other things, aswell as a bit more direction thingys to tell you where you need to go.

    Now, as for bosses, originally the Egg Plant boss was the only boss in the game, but then this became a full length game by the time I finished EPZ, and I decided to make the rest of the bosses as difficult as that boss. I can try to make them more easier, aswell as maybe make slight improvements to some things (aswell as making the Hard Roll allow you to be invulnerable to the projectiles in EPZ and HFZ, similar to BPZ)

    The getting hurt while in pipes is something I forgot to fix and could probably be fixed easily. The Game Over system was purposely removed, and Lives will have a point in the final game. And as for Sonic floating on the HFZ slope, it was something I may have missed while making the collisions for the zone. If you can post where you found this, I can fix it easily.

    Anyways, thanks for the criticism. I'll try to get a bug fix version done as soon as I get access to my computer. Pls understand that I've been working on this game non stop for the past 2 months and I'm honestly really tired. So aaa

    I have no idea how to end this post, so have this:

    Attached Files:

  20. Unlimited Trees

    Unlimited Trees Going home

    • Messages: 113
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    Double post for da win.
    So, if you're wondering where the music from the SAGE 2017 OST is from, it's basically a bunch of kind of obscure tracks I've carefully picked from various games. The track names can be found in the "CHOOSE A SOUNDTRACK" options menu (where you can also choose between two different soundtracks), but in case you don't want to open the game to look for these tracks, a playlist of the zone tracks can be found here:
    UTS1 SAGE 2017 Music List

    Also, another thing I should mention is that, by going to the CHOOSE A SOUNDTRACK menu, and changing the "CHOOSE A PLAYLIST" option to "Beta OST", you can listen to the original ROM hack version's soundtrack. They're remixed by A-S-H, Joenick, Jubbalub, and Crash. These are all SMPS remixes of various songs, so they're fateful to the Genesis soundchip, and aren't trash remakes made using a terrible soundfont.

    Anyways, that is all. Excuse me while I starve to death in some random basement, doing nothing but attempting to live off of sardines.