unlimited trees

  1. Among the Others (SAGE 2018 Demo)

    Among the Others (SAGE 2018 Demo)

    Among the Others is a modification of Sonic the Hedgehog for the Mega Drive by Unlimited Trees. This is the last fan project I will ever make. This is a small portion of the full product. Downloads Original SAGE Demo (Bright Sky Zone) Special Demo (Pepsi City Zone) Credits Main Developer...
  2. Unlimited Trees

    Fan Game Unlimited Trees' Sonic 1 - SAGE 2017 Demo

    SAGE Booth So Unlimited Trees' Sonic 1 (UTS1) is a dumb ROM hack turned Fan Game that was originally going to be a 1 act rom hack, but after a ton of frustrations, was turned into a fan game, and now will be a full length game. At the moment, the game has been in development for 2 months and...