Lev's Toolkit - Java-based Tools to help Artists


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Aug 29, 2017
Hello everyone, MrLevRocks here and I bring you some tools I have developed in Java in order to help me with creating art for mine and other friends' fan games (and hopefully indie games soon). Tastefully dubbed Lev's Toolkit by nobody in particular, it's an expanding set of little console-based applets of varying usefulness. All tools come with an executable to be run natively under Windows, but other OSes (and people who like that kind of stuff) can take the .jar file itself and run it through the Java VM using the appropriate commands.

Unique Tile Finder
UTF was my first tool and one that does exactly what it says on the tin. Taking a single image, any size, and a tile size (which must be a divisor of both dimensions of the input image), it finds and removes duplicate "tiles" from the input image. Depending on what you need, the tool can output the result in 3 different ways.

Batch Palette Applier
BPA is a tool useful to those who have sprites, tiles or any other kind of images saved individually and need to recolour them fast. A little more complex than UTF, it takes a folder of specified files and changes every pixel's colour according to a palette image input. Made originally for a friend who uses GameMaker Studio (which internally saves sprite sheets as individual images), I patched it up and released it for the public to enjoy.

Sonic Tile Set Maker
The largest and most useful tool by far, STSM is a tool I've created to replace something I've been using for years by now. Batch Image Deformer (formerly the Slopes Tool) is a tool written by Damizean all the way back in 2008 and, while it works splendid still, it could be a little more useful. Cue STSM! Needing a tile pattern, a top pattern, a shading palette and a few values, it creates a full tile set that can be compacted with UTF to any power of 2 size you need. It is a little limited and its output isn't comparable to making tiles by hand, but it's a solid start for making a tile sheet from.

Clicking on the links above takes you to the itch.io page of each tool. While the tools explain themselves what you need to put in (and complains accordingly if you do not), the pages explain their usage a little more in-depth. Should questions arise, however, I can gladly try to help out.
Should I update my tools, I'll remember to upload the new versions here too. Currently, my main goal is to make GUI-based versions of each tool, so they are easier to use.



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Nov 1, 2019
I forgot checking this for a while, I do apologize. Clicking every link, there's an instruction of every tool on the itch.io page. If you tell me what tool you need help with, I can tell you how to get through.
ok, thanks for the reply.