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[GameMaker 8.2] Sonic Astral Engine


May 31, 2019
1690660469877.png 1690660495618.png 1690660833710.png Sonic Astral Engine is a open source Modern Sonic framework for GameMaker 8.2.
Q: Can i use this in GameMaker 8.1?
R: Yes and no. Because of how the GameMaker 8.1 event system works, you would need to change some code to make it work with that version of GameMaker and the room editor features would be unavailable.

Q: Can i use it in GameMaker Studio 2?
R: No. You CAN port to GMS 1.4 and then port to GMS2 but that would require many code to be changed.

Q: Do i need programming skills to use it?
R: Drag and Drop or GML is an option, but keep in mind if you use DnD you will be missing a large chunk of features.

Q: Do i need to mention that my project was made using Astral Engine?
R: Since Release V2.0.0, you no longer need to mention "Astral Engine" in any way. Though you can credit DFelipeh/Zasus

Source code

GameMaker 8.2

Implemented Features

  • Color swap shader
  • Super Sonic
  • Characters
  • Transformation action


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