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Player of Guitar
Jan 12, 2022
Skills: Music, mainly rock oriented but I have many influences
Seeking: Something to do, not only for experience but also passion for my hobby
Availability: Fully available as of right now
Current Projects: None aside from a few small personal aspirations
Past Projects: Released an EP under an old name (looking to distance myself from past work/mistakes), and a few indie games that have failed to see the light of day.
Links/Portfolio: TobyPasta's Intro Music -

Contact Info: Nickgoblin#5349 (Discord)
Additional Info: I've been passionate about Sonic games and their music for a long time, I want to pay homage to that. Hit me up.


Press Start Screen
Jan 25, 2022
  • Graphic Design - Logos, UI elements, promotional/packaging art etc. I've made designs for paying clients as well as some people you may have heard of like Dan Bull and Barry Lewis!
  • Voice Acting - Not something I have much experience in, but I'm willing to give it a go!
Seeking: Anything! This community looks so awesome and I just want to get involved and help with these awesome fangames however I can.
Availability: Pretty much whenever I'm not working. Might not be too active on here, but hit me up on any of my other platforms (below)
Current projects: Nothing Sonic Related yet!
Past projects: Same as above!
Links/Portfolio: Most of my stuff can be found on my DeviantArt page, some more stuff on Instagram @KosmicKollector_Designs
  • Discord: TheKosmicKollector#0474
  • Reddit: /u/TheKosmicKollector
Additional Info: I've always loved the Sonic games (Heroes being my controversial favourite), but I've always wanted to get more involved with the Sonic fan community!