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  1. Normal Super Mario Bros. Trilogy DX (Early Demo)

    Christmas SAGE 2023 Normal Super Mario Bros. Trilogy DX (Early Demo)

    Game History: What to expect for this demo: x86 and x64 only Windows builds (more platforms later) Practically 99% complete port of the first one (Normal Super Mario Bros.) I'd say 65% complete port of the second one - expect MANY bugs still, no widescreen yet, but it IS beatable and already...
  2. Super Freaks Presents: Strato-Scruffy (2009)

    Christmas SAGE 2023 Super Freaks Presents: Strato-Scruffy (2009)

    ITCH.IO LINK The Super Freaks have had many games over the years, a lot of which weren't finished at the time. None were more emblematic about this than Strato-Scruffy, the Super Freaks' long awaited take on Fantasy Zone. Strato-Scruffy first appeared on YouTube in 2009 and was known for its...
  3. Super Freaks 1 Ultimate Edition 2.0

    Christmas SAGE 2023 Super Freaks 1 Ultimate Edition 2.0

    ITCH.IO LINK OTHER SUPER FREAKS GAMES AT SAGE: Super Freaks Presents: Strato-Scruffy (2009) Super Freaks Classic Pack (2006 - 2016) They're super. They're freaky! And they star in the secret best platformer this year! Super Freaks 1 Ultimate Edition is now fully complete and ready to blow your...

    SAGE 2022 - Complete HAFFY DX

    DOWNLOAD HERE CONTROLS: (Gamepads are supported and recommended) Z/A - Bomb X/S - Fire/Speed Up Cutscene Enter - Start/Skip Cutscene Arrow Keys - Move MAD BLASTING ACTION!!! In a universe with no one governing authority, there live the Unaffiliated Task Forces, groups of individuals who answer...
  5. 'Round The Mind.

    SAGE 2023 - Demo 'Round The Mind.

    NOTICE, PLEASE READ: The updated demo planned for September 7th at 12PM PDT has been delayed due to unforeseen difficulties with trying to make the demo in a really limited time frame. The demo has now been delayed until further notice, and I will publish a version similar to that of last...
  6. MaGMML: Episode Zero

    MaGMML: Episode Zero

    MaGMML: Episode Zero is an interquel set between the events of Make a Good Mega Man Level (MaGMML) 1 and 2, level design contests where users submitted their own Mega Man levels to be ranked by a team of judges. Unlike previous entries, Episode Zero was not the result of a contest, but rather an...