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  1. Sonic Transitions

    Sonic Transitions

    Thank you for checking out Sonic Transitions! This is my attempt to create a game that will eventually connect the events of Sonic SatAM to Sonic 1. This game is still horrendously unfinished, but I'm excited to let you try what's here! Take control of either Sonic or Sally. Blast through the...
  2. Sonic Transitions

    Sonic Transitions

    Check Out the Updated Demo! Hey! Thanks for checking out Sonic Transitions! This is a short demo set within the universe of the Sonic Saturday Morning Cartoon (Sonic SatAM). The goal for the complete game is to create a transitional story between the SatAM universe and that of Sonic 1. This...
  3. PM13

    Fan Game Sonic Transitions

    This is my attempt to keep everything organized. Any updated and progress reports will be added to this first post. Hopefully, this will keep things from getting too messy. Sonic Transitions is a side project of mine. With this game's story mode, I hope to create a bridge between the ending of...