sonic & knuckles

  1. Sonic Eclipse (SAGE '21 Demo)

    SAGE 2021 - Demo Sonic Eclipse (SAGE '21 Demo)

    Sonic Eclipse – a fan sequel of Sonic & Knuckles on the Sega Genesis. Starring: - Sonic The Hedgehog - Knuckles The Echidna - Tails The Fox - Amy Rose The Hedgehog The Stages: 1. Flower Paradise Zone 2. Light City Zone 3. Volcano Kingdom Zone 4. Relic Forest Zone 5. Sunset Dessert Zone 6. Ocean...
  2. Sonic 3 SMS (Android & PC)

    Demo Sonic 3 SMS (Android & PC)

    This fangame was made with the Open Sonic SMS Engine by Joao Araya. DOWNLOAD (click here) The game contains 8 zones: - Emerald Beach - Balloon Panic - Desert Labyrinth - Dark Cave - Hidden Palace - Rainy Savanna - Iron Ruins - and Milky Way (not done yet) the levels are based out of the...
  3. Sonic and the Dreamcatcher

    Sonic and the Dreamcatcher

    Goal is simple... collect all the blue balls and find the chaos emerald! Controls Arrow Keys = Rotate stage A = Spawn a Knuckles S = Enable a thunder shield D = Turn "Goal" blocks into bumpers (so no death?) Debug Controls P = Pause Space =...
  4. Sonic Recharged (SAGE 2020)

    Sonic Recharged (SAGE 2020)

    (Original drawing made by Dolphman) Sonic Recharged takes place in a separate timeline / alternate universe (up to interpretation) which follows the events shortly after S3&K, right where Knuckles left off...
  5. Fang The Sniper In Sonic 3 Style

    Fang The Sniper In Sonic 3 Style

    The last member of Team Hooligan, Fang The Sniper. Includes animations from Sonic Mania, Sonic Triple Trouble and Sonic Drift 2.
  6. Bean The Dynamite in Sonic 3 Style

    Bean The Dynamite in Sonic 3 Style

    This is an attempt to make the definitive Sonic 3 style Bean The Dynamite. Includes animations based off Sonic The Fighters and Sonic Mania.
  7. Sonic The Hedgehog 3 & Knuckles (Genesis) Sound Effects

    Sonic The Hedgehog 3 & Knuckles (Genesis) Sound Effects

    A collection of the sound effects from Sonic 3 & Knuckles.