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Sonic Eclipse (SAGE '21 Demo)

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Sonic Eclipse – a fan sequel of Sonic & Knuckles on the Sega Genesis.
- Sonic The Hedgehog
- Knuckles The Echidna
- Tails The Fox
- Amy Rose The Hedgehog

The Stages:
1. Flower Paradise Zone
2. Light City Zone
3. Volcano Kingdom Zone
4. Relic Forest Zone
5. Sunset Dessert Zone
6. Ocean Valley Zone
7. Moon Top Zone
8. Frozen Bridge Zone
9. Egg Eclipse Zone

Engine Used: Flicky8Engine by John Kun
Music: MaxieDaMan, SG
The Sonic series belong to SEGA.
This game is made for the fan and by the fan. This game shouldn't be sold.

Note: At the sage splash screen, Press The Space Key to continue.

Latest reviews

The fangame really has very good visuals and ost, but sins in level design, it is not horrible after all offers a good level of platforming and is not only hold right and win, however the enemies and death holes are very poorly positioned, have too many enemies, and to worsen have enemies and holes in sections of speed forcing the player just to move on rolling. The fangame has good ideas for zones and everything, just need to improve in level design because it has potential. In case I wrote something wrong I used the translator.
I must say that this game does quite a few things right - characters control correctly, the Advance cast is there, visuals in the later zones are nice (with my favorite being the volcano) and the music is not bad. But the levels themselves? The first zone is around 2 minutes long and it's mostly going from hold right to proceed on above ground sections and go left-right in the underground sections. There's also a really funny glitch in there, probably the most fun part of the zone, where you can use Knuckles to glide forward in one of the downward slope sections before the signpost to skip the end of the stage and go out of bounds, dying in the water once you reach the actual end of the zone. The two zones afterwards present some nice concepts such as being careful with jumps and riding the Tornado, but both of them are over in less than a minute. And then it just... goes on and on. There's nothing really new after those 3 zones. The ground badnik AI also seems to have a life of it's own, being more focused on dancing in place than actually working. Overall, this isn't bad, but I didn't really have a lot of fun playing this.
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The enemy layout is really insane. There's an enemy every 5 steps it seems like. It makes it kind of hard to explore the levels. Also some ground enemies just kinda... get buggy and kinda dance in place. Also does Game Maker not allow for controller support? It's really tricky for me to play a game with just the keyboard.
I think graphically this game is pretty cool, lots of variety and it's always easy enough to see what's going on, but the layouts let it down. Every zone plays exactly the same and often has even the same badniks, and they appear constantly, so all you really do is try to keep moving to the right while rolling at all times. There are also oddly few checkpoints despite all the enemies. It's great to play as Amy again, though, not a lot of games allow that.

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