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  1. J

    Fan Game [Sonic X Metroid] Seeking playtesters and an artist

    Hello, Just John 43 here. I am the developer of "Another Sonic 2 Remake". This project is still on going, but in order to learn new skills that I can take back into that project, I have started another dream project that's been on my mind for a while. What would a Metroidvania with Sonic...
  2. Project: Ashura The Glitch

    Demo Project: Ashura The Glitch

    What would a Metroidvania with Sonic the Hedgehog gameplay even be like? That's what this prototype demo aims to answer. Play as Ashura, and unlock abilities by exploring the map, battling guardians and opening doors! This demo contains 1 non-linear, large map with Powerups to collect, boss...
  3. SAGE '23 INTERVIEWS - Prototype Theta

    SAGE '23 INTERVIEWS - Prototype Theta

    NOTE: This interview was taken in 2022, and has been updated to correct any changes made since then. Hello and welcome to SAGE 2023! We are back speaking with Proto from Strange Matter, one of the lead developers behind Starbuster, a game that has been at various SAGE events over the years. In...
  4. Poker: Panther Chameleon

    Poker: Panther Chameleon

    The main website and the downloads can be found on In Poker: Panther Chameleon you play as Poker, a blue anthropomorphic Panther Chameleon (duh), but watch out for the deadly dangerous Peggedepenguins! Poker: Panther Chameleon is a short, one-level prototype for an idea inspired by...
  5. MagicianArcana

    Game Radical Adventure (working title)

    Since December of 2017, I've been working on a Sonic Adventure inspired 3D platformer that I've been referring to as Radical Adventure. I have an early demo build on Itch here: (It's browser playable too! No need to download anything. But...