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The main website and the downloads can be found on

In Poker: Panther Chameleon you play as Poker, a blue anthropomorphic Panther Chameleon (duh), but watch out for the deadly dangerous Peggedepenguins!

Poker: Panther Chameleon is a short, one-level prototype for an idea inspired by 90s mascot platformers.
This is my first game and was made in about a month during my spare time for the Games Engineering course at the Technical University of Munich.

The fantastic music was made by
Karl Brueggemann who was generous enough to let me use his compositions.

The game was made in Unity and builds upon a neat development kit by

I hope to one day revive this project and breathe new life into my OC Poker the Panther Chameleon (do not steal).

The downloads can be found here, on
You can also play it in the browser on
(however, the download version is recommended because it is more stable)

Screenshots and media!


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This is really cute, I would LOVE to see more of this. It borrows from Sonic but has its own original ideas and identity. I am curious to see where you go with this.

I did seem to drop a lot of jump inputs though ... I don't think it's my controller cause it works fine in other games. Also is the level supposed to scroll up and down when you stop? If so that's a little distracting and if not... then it is my controller

Either way, short but sweet. Keep up the good work
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Hey, thanks for the kind words! :) Yeah, I didn't really program the game with a controller in mind. I seem to also be having this issue, after I just tried the game with one upon reading your review, thanks for the heads up, will see what I can do! ^^


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