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8 bit

  1. Another Sonic 2 Remake (2021 version)

    Another Sonic 2 Remake (2021 version)

    If you came here looking for AS2R, please note that this is an old and out of date version. The newest demo has it's own booth for SAGE 22! You can find it HERE! This project was born from my love of Sonic, animation and my fascination with the Master System version of Sonic 2. It was my first...
  2. Sondro Gomez (SAGE '20)

    Sondro Gomez (SAGE '20)

    Tic tac toe, 3 years in a row, eh SAGE? Welcome to the Sondro Gomez: A Sunvoa Story page! Created by Shane "Sparks" and the team members now known as Cellar Chateaux in collaboration with Simon "Stealth" Thomley of Headcannon, bring you Sondro Gomez: A Sunova Story! This is the first...
  3. ChronoVenture


    Overview ChronoVenture is a momentum-based Gameboy-style platformer shooter where the player controls a cat named Lizzy as she runs, jumps, claws and shoots her way to the end of the level where she'll encounter against a boss to unlock a new weapon or ability before she finds herself warping...
  4. Sonic 1 8bit Redux DEMO

    Sonic 1 8bit Redux DEMO

    I wish to make a remake of sonic 1 for the gamegear with manya extra features such as a time attack mode, 16:9 aspect ratio, multiple different customisable art styles and multiple playable characters. Unfortunately the sage demo what you are looking at right now only includes act 1 and 3 of...