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I wish to make a remake of sonic 1 for the gamegear with manya extra features such as a time attack mode, 16:9 aspect ratio, multiple different customisable art styles and multiple playable characters.
Unfortunately the sage demo what you are looking at right now only includes act 1 and 3 of green hill zone (your favourite zone) as due to the geniuses running this even deciding that an extra month might not help.
I made this using lake feppards large simple sonic worlds "hd" engine
Please note the music for green hill is a quick alpha in which I changed the instrumentation of a midi file, the final release will actually sound nice and every level will have individual remixes

Screenshots and media!

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16:9 that is all


Engine: lake feppard
Sprites: spriters resource
Everything else: Biskut

Latest reviews

Interesting concept but I have a few complaints.

First, why is the resolution so big? 424 x 240 should already be good enough. I don't see the point of it being so big.

Second, more opinion based but, since you are already remastering the game, why not add some new graphics to it too? Would make it much more interesting
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Thanks for the feedback
The reason for the high resolution is so it can be 16:9 but it is still using the original game gear sprites making it seem large.
Also the point about the graphics, I will be adding different graphical styles in a graphics menu but for now its the normal sprites as someone on the original gamejolt page for it complained about newer graphics so thats how it stands for now

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