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ZuPs! - Snow in Summer (SAGE 2021)

General Information

"ZuPs! - Snow in Summer"
SAGE 2021 update

available in: English, German, Italian, Spanish (lat. american), Braz. Protuguese and Dutch!

WARNING FOR WINDOWS 10 USERS: If the game runs slow please turn on "compatibility mode" and set it to "Windows 7"!!

25.08.2021: "Final" version released... smh, I forgot to remove one line of debug code again.
Please download this version if the two numbers near the playfield bother you alot, elsewise yes... it is identical to "Plus2"

23.08.2021: "PLUS2" version released, to clean up some oversights in the code,
so cameo characters now show up even when you haven't beaten the game yet.
Also cleaned up some animations (score adding) and art (orb color 6 had no symbole).

"PLUS Version" and "Launch-day Version" have been retroactively removed from download due to
the bugs present in those versions, nothing gamebreaking, but you want the best experience, right?
(old saves will still work!) Thank you for the 14 and 52 downloads respectively, though!!

22.08.2021: "PLUS" Version release, cleaned up build removing 0.3MB of junk, coded notifications for
cameo unlocks and added 3 additional cameo characters, that I couldn't finish in time for launch!
(Get up to 7 unlockable cameos to show up on the level select, each with their own unlock condition! - have fun!)


Enjoy a lighthearted puzzlegame in a snow-covered world with "ZuPs! - Snow in Summer."

One summer morning Daniel Fuchsermaus, a local Fox-Bat hero, woke up to the entirety of
the surounding area being overed in snow. After a bit of convincing by his friends,
he reluctantly started investigating who could be the culprit behind this wintery landscape.

Line up three or more Orbs horizonally, vertically or diagonally to make them disappear!
Repeat until you reach the clear line and remove all Orbs below it to win the stage!
Be careful! If any Orb escapes beyond the playfield you will have to restart!


A simple control scheme to test your reflexes and decision making skill!

Press Z* or Up/Down Arrows to make the Fox-Bat pick up or drop an orb.
You can only hold one Orb at a time, so the action on Z will automatically flip!
(For regional compatibility Y or W also work)

By pressing the SPACEBAR you can get another row added to your playfield,
this way you can set up bigger Combos and have a higher chance of Chain Reactions!

Need a break? Don't worry you can just ESC if you need a moment to think!


3 Difficulty settings with 10 levels each! Perfect for newcomers and veterans of puzzle games!

If you want more in-depth explanations, the previous adventure that is alluded to in the game's events,
all character's profiles and a music-player you can find all of this in the INFO menu.

Game features a LEVEL SELECT for replaying levels* and changing the difficulty setting!
(Each level comes with a preset pattern so you can rechallenge them for highscores or better times!)

The OPTION menu will allow you to change the game to your liking! Settings like
Volume levels, window sizes, languages, orb designs, Gamepad Controls and more are available!

For future game or project announcements, feel free to follow me on twitter @TeufelstruheDe
Or if you want to follow my casual tweet/retweet account @Teufelstruhe264

This Update to the game is dedicated to DialBM. Thank you for believing in my game when I didn't.


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