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Sonic the Sketchhog: Episode 2 DEMO

Project Overview

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The sequel to the addicting mobile game! From the winner of RAGE 2016 (take that as you will) Megapig9001 and artist JoeDraws comes a little "doodle" of much more to come! In order to truly "sequelize" Sonic the Sketchhog, every character and object has been handrawn and zapped into the game! Run and jump as Sonic through two pages of the world! Keep trying to get the highest score possible!
Play a quick demo here:

Screenshots and media!

Bonus Content

Features to come soon:
More Levels
Custom Music
Endless Mode
New Characters


Programmer: Megapig9001 (
Artist: Joe Draws (
Original Characters and Concepts: Sega

Latest reviews

This game caught me by surprise. I was expecting something clunky and frustrating when I got the complete opposite. The fairly unique art style lends itself well to the game's simplistic mechanics without being too cringy. However, the background lacks any sort of detail and the platforms are fairly bland. Some background visuals would really help break up the slight monotony of the game. Though jumping on the enemies feels really nice and solid.
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Hey cool game, I love how you actually Drew the Sprites with pencil! Good Job !

also I'm really good at drawing sonic, maby we could work together?

any ways keep up the good work!! <3
This Cool But I Think You Can Do To This Like:
1) With Color
2)More Paper effect
4)Full Screen Mode
*Controls Changer
*Color/No Color
*Screen Settings
And More
scratch out 4 We might all have school And when your mom comes She might Slap or dad

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