Sonic Liquid Survival (Demo 2)

I've got a lot to say about this one, after sinking at least half an hour into it, so sit tight~
(Edit: 10/2/19 ---- And I also need to offer two other things to the dev of this project, and in reverse order, they are an apology and a fairer review. After seeing Garrulous64 go through the demo's three stages, I realized something that might have been critical for me to try before I called it and wrote my review: lower my game quality. Maybe I've just mentally oversold my current PC's gaming power, and by the by, that's not hard to do considering I upgraded from an HP 2000 Notebook to a genuine gaming rig, but for whatever reason, I didn't think to try lowering the quality below 'Normal Computer Room' and run it again. As such, I wrote a review that didn't reflect the entirety of the demo, unlike what I've done with most other SAGE titles this year, and as such unfairly judged the product. I pride myself in being a fair and understanding individual and essentially threw that in the toilet for no legitimate reason. I'm not above admitting my mistakes, and as such, I'll be editing what I have below to reflect that. My sincerest apologies.)

High points:
-The stage design feels very Sonic Worlds-ish open, to me, and I love that~ Nothing feels better than rolling down a slope and flinging yourself to who-cares-where~
-The additional characters do help in adding replay-value, especially considering the stages allow for in-depth exploration. They don't add too much, but it's enough to appreciate the work that went into this~

Tripping Points:
-Maybe the stages are a bit too open? Stage 3, especially, kind of gave me trouble due to how same-y areas looked and the level geometry kind of falls out-of-place with ring layouts often.
-Dat third boss. Wut? I mean, I'm fine with a forced loss, but she/zey feel a bit out-of-place. Maybe with more story details, that feeling'll be fixed~

Mixed Nuts:
-The Special Stage took me a bit to get used to, but it's an interesting idea~
It's like Knuckles' emerald hunting segments meets physics fun-toy as you search for the glowy areas that indicate where switches are. Though, honestly, I would prefer an additional radar system for when you're close and can't really see where the switch roughly is because it was pretty annoying trying to find the buggers amongst all the wireframe terrain.
-Also, point of amusement, the game doesn't initially play nicely with a PS4 controller, as I found out during the first stage, where my camera spun in nauseating circles and my pause button became R2. Had to remap pretty much every button to get it to work, but it worked marvelously after that~
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I wanted to report this big bug in stage 2. hard to explain Glitch Video link (it's unlisted)
Edit: ignore this, first time posting, dont know how to delete posts, and i actually forgot 2019 has passed.