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Sonic Island: Lost Paradise

Project Overview


Sonic Island: Lost Paradise - a fangame about another Sonic's adventure. Being a "Sonic Island" duology reimagining.
There some old levels that can amaze you and new levels with unexpected things!

Mushroom Valley - wonderful place that was a Mushroom Hill earlier, but that's a little another location from now! Let's go to see some new features that it's have!
Desert Oasis - little desert with some water in there. Robotnik using water from this place for different purposes. New robots won't leave you standing there!
Star Light (Act 1/2) - famous city with different new gimmicks and robots. Play into your favorite level in another way!
Wooden Casino - absolutely new level with casino/wood theme.


Sonic (& Tails):
Spindash, Super Peel-Out and Tails' Assist (working like in Sonic Mania).

Metal Sonic:
Spindash, Super-Dash (Press X and any of arrows - Up, Down, Left, Right), Stomp (Press S in mid-air), Light Dash (Press C for collect rings)

Dash (Press and hold X), Stomp (Press Shift), Double Jump

Screenshots and media!


Fangame created by Techno Peach Studio.
Main creator - Matvey Zaharia.
Co-creator - Catswell (Me)
Music by NicoCW, Segatenderations Team, Tee Lopes and others
Sprites by Sega, DanielMania and others

Latest reviews

Just got through this and it was pretty bad honestly. First off.. I could use my controller to select which stage I wanted but not to control the characters... that seems odd to me.

Second just the level design just doesn't flow very well in most areas. There's waay to many leaps of faith and platforms that move really fast so they're hard to jump on.

Last... just how buggy it was. I had to jump over a lot of the loops in the Mushroom level because Sonic wouldn't go through. Mighty's jump sound would play several times when I held the button down sometimes and character sprites stuttered a lot when going up or down slopes.

Overall just kind of meh, needs some polish before it can be considered good.
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