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Demo Sonic Game Alpha: Project Rush Alpha


This Project about Alpha Sonic Fan Game to free play stage from the Closed Project Sshaders Configuration Tool 2021

Choice Six Stage Skins

Review Video Stage Skins:

Sshaders Configuration Tool 2021

This project is not really a game just a short demo game changing themes and mods.
(Previous release only option to set game graphics and then now we are done developing/Stop Progress)
08-30-2021 Progress closed


» Copy Sshaders ConfigurationTool 2021.exe to Folder SFG GI030 game. «

» Keyboard
Move: Left/Right
Jump: X key
Boost: Z key Hold
Homing Attack: X + X
Blast Boost/Air Boost: Z Hold

» Xbox 360
Move: Left/Right L
Jump: A
Boost: X Hold
Homing: A + A
Blast Boost/Air Boost: X

xbox controller only working in Gameplay

---Commands available---
type in Registry.ini
registry_number=303030303011 (Gameplay Token)
rival_mode=1 (Spawn CPU Rival)
flanger_off=1 (Turn off Music Boost Filter)
show_fps=1 (turn FPS in Game)

---Technique mode---
Left click on the screen to options graphic
Right click on the screen to hide options graphic
Press F4 Button to full screen window
Press M Button to remove Background
Press N Button to water following mouse vertical
Press V Button to repeat time after goal
Press C Button to hide boost effect
Press S or W Buttom to Switch Time

Copyright: SEGA® & SONIC TEAM™
Developer: Game Impian 030
Powered: SFG GI030
Engine: Damizean

Sprites Ripped by:
Sonic Rhaian
Ren Fox Ramos
Facundo Gomez

Facundo Gomez

Programmed in:
Game Maker 8

From Asset Framework:
Sshaders Engine - Shaders Engine 2D

Game Maker  Sshaders Engine - Shaders Engine 2D

SSHADERS v2020 Sshaders (Sonic Shaders) is engine game effect graphic in 2D for Sonic Fan Game or all game in the from of .gmk type - Game Maker 8 This is a from Configuration Tool for Sonic Fan Game from SFGGI030 You can retrieve all the scripts code that you requested in this progress...


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