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Demo Sonic Cyberspace 2.0


What if Sonic Frontiers' cyberspace was actually good? Well this fan game aims to answer just that!

Sonic Cyberspace is a fan game that plans to recreate the cyberspace experience from Sonic Frontiers but in a more enjoyable format! IN 2D!

Arrow keys (Joystick) - Movement
Z (A) - Jump
X (RT) - Boost
C (B) - Slide
S (L3) - Lightspeed ring dash

This isn't the final demo! Keep an eye on this page for more updates during SAGE!

Xbox controller natively supported, just plug and play! Dual Shock/Sense isn't currently officially supported yet but will be added in a future version of the game (although you can try running the game through Steam.)

Random Q and A time!

Why Jason Griffith?
The framework I built this game on had Jason Griffith's voice lines already set for Sonic and it wasn't a priority for me to change during the early development stages of this game. I will be adding the option to switch between Roger and Jason in the near future.

Why can I destroy enemies with boost?
Destroying enemies with boost has always been a key defining feature of the boost formula. However, I will implement a "easy mode" and a "hard mode" which can be toggled to make the boost more like a sprint akin to Sonic Frontiers.

Do you plan to do all of the cyberspace levels?
Currently no. This is just a fun challenge I set myself to do a couple of weeks before SAGE to keep myself on my toes. I plan to do a variety of the most popular levels however so expect more levels in the near future.

I don't like the current control scheme. Can I change it?
For now, you can't change the controls, however more control schemes will be implemented in future versions of the game.

Do you have a discord server where you post sneak peeks of future updates?
Yes. Yes we do.



Version 1.1: Replaced blurry tile-sets, made Rank values easier and general improvement tweaks

Version 2.0:
Main menu added
Pause menu updated
Save data system implemented
Options menu added


Additional thanks (sprites, support, etc)
Silent Dreams (Music)
Marvin Valentine

Latest reviews

This is really fun for what it is! Maybe even better than the original lol

Showcased it!:
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Very cool! I think Sonic's boosting speed should be a tad faster though & he should be able to boost of a spring

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