Sonic Chaos - Turquoise Hill Demo

This is a marvelous game indeed! And the crimson engine is very well showcased here but there is a few issues I wanna bring up that I know is gonna get fixed or looked at. The graphics are amazing and are manialike and that's where I feel it is just perfect but maybe could be mistaken as a mania mod. The music is top notch! The gameplay is where if fell apart... I'll start by saying wierd collision behaviour is popping up left and right and at one point I wrnt through a spring and litterally went through the roof to the next open area. I also think the level design especially in act 2 is an bit rushed and the boss for act 2 is painfully hard to hit for some reason mainly because he has no indicator where you should hit him. Otherwise this has been an fantastic experience and I would love seing what's coming up in the future!
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Sonic Chaos (Re-imagined) really shows what a passionate team can do with enough creativity and love for Sonic. Turning old concepts into entirely new ideas (i.e; using the original's intro for the last boss phase of THZ2), and taking a spin on a lot of things like the original level design and bosses. What's more excellent is how you guys are making the Emerald Robotnik had more tied into the game and its bosses, something the original could've capitalized on but unfortunately didn't. The physics are on point and feel as great as the classics, and while some animations and animation speeds could need some work, but other than that, I am really looking forward to what's in store here!
In short, the demo blew me away- I'm hungry for so much more, and I know you'll deliver. In addition to that sentiment, I'm reviewing to highlight something you guys might wanna take a look at- in Turquoise Hill Zone 1, Tails (don't know about Sonic) gets stuck in the tunnel, almost like the walls suddenly gained collision detection. I was just hopping about when it happened.

Don't know if you all knew, but wanted to bring it up. Anyhow, I know it's an early demo and all that, so no points off- you're doing great work. You all probably have it planned, but keymapping/controller support would be awesome. Thanks for your time!!!
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I love this remake, excelent soundtrack and engine.
I wish this fangame can be terminated.

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Just played the game and loved it. Could be even better if you did what Sonic Mania did : to be more faithful to the original game, you should rebuild the very beginning of each level exactly the same level design it had in 1993 when the game came out then you can go on creating your own level design for the rest of the level (like you did actually). I'm impressed by the badniks you recreated, they're stunning (even if the rolling bug should have a red bumper on its back to make Sonic jump higher as I read in another post). Great job that could be even truer to the original (maybe you should include a simple remake with new graphics but same level design as in 1993 in your rom) !
Please add more things from the original game (bumpers hidden in the grass/ rocket shoes/ red bumpers instead of yellow ones on the Boing-o-bots: you jump higher and it's part of the game's specific gameplay / moving platforms, three bridges following each other like in the original Act 2, parts with red bumpers in pits to fly above high "walls" like in the original Act 2).
No Drop Dash : Sonic doesn't know it at the time.
Nice seeing the original intro used as a boss fight but the CE must have their original shapes and not the one obtained by the Super CE in S3&K.
IWill there be a possibility of playing with Tails following Sonic coz' I love this way of playing... even if SONIC CHAOS is based on the possibility of playing Sonic OR Tails!!...
Don't use the original way of getting to the Special Stages: it ruined the gaming experience (100 rings collected then the level was over)!!...
Keep on the good work, guys and girls, you're about to make a lost gem shine again!!...
the game freezes after pressing escape and has to be closed with xkill, but other than that it seems to work fine!
The game is very similar to Sonic Mania which makes it appeal to a modern and classic audience, graphics are gorgeous and the controls are pretty good, however the game's speed is lacking, drop dash's animation is good along with how it rolls along the ground, but the speed is not the best, other than the speed of the characters the game is very well designed and i hope to see more of it

Sincerely, Saxon.B
You have something really awesome here. The game is gorgeous, the music is catch as heck and the levels and bosses are really creative. You did amazing building off of the Game Gear build. I can't wait for more.
I Love This. Imagine If It Was Official
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AMAZING! Feels like a real sequel to Sonic Mania to me! Keep up the good work! ;)
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The game is looking great so far.
Gameplay is fun, controls are nice, visuals are pretty, and the music is great.

There really isn't a lot I can complain about, my only suggestion is to buff the Drop Dash, it feels kinda weird and weightless in this build, but that's about it. Other than that, wonderful demo, can't wait for the full release.

- Great level design
- Music is top-notch with unique Act 1 and 2 themes
- Bosses are fun, intricate, and well-designed
- Amazing sprite work, lots of detail
- Save files
- Sonic and Tails are both playable
- Very faithful to the original 8-bit game while improving in many departments


- Not sure why the delete save function is mapped to a button instead of how it works in sonic 3 and in mania? I accidentally deleted my save file cause of this
- Uses Mania sprites (Minor complaint)

Overall: Not too many complaints to be had here, it's a solid remake that does just about everything right. Can't wait to see future developments!
I have never been more entranced in my life. Son of a glitch guy holy shit

Gameplay/Faithfulness: This game is phenomenal. I absolutely loved it! The level design definitely harkens back to the 8-bit game but is 90% new. The level design is so good. It's definitely well-paced with the treetop gimmick being incredibly fun. It's so good in fact, It's as if it was designed by the Mania Team themselves! Even the bosses are so good and surprising; a;oeipasoidjfalskdfja;sldkf;;9oefjapewsd ITS SO FUCKIN GOOD. The physics in the engine are as accurate as they come, resulting in some fluid gameplay that feels no different to the classic or Mania for that matter. The collision however, is a little janky, and I did experience some stuttering; but that was a small note compared to how much fun I had playing this.(had to cut off 2/3s of the review bc of char limit rip)
(the full review will be in a txt file in my review thread in the creation lab when updated)

Re-break, Re-meh, Remake, [Reinvent]
Very good. And it really give the original feel. Keep up the good work! ^^
The game itself is very amazing, on the same level as Mania itself! The sprite art is wonderfully crafted, mixing the nostalgia of the old Game Gear game with the polish and enhancements that it so desperately needed! Of course, it's not without its bugs...there is a problem with getting an Extra Life from rings (that may/may not have something to do with Monitors), there's a few collision errors that are a bit noticable, and Sonic turns invisible and continues in a rolling state until he enters a tunnel again (which, if you aren't near one, could result in a softlock) if you go through it backwards. Also, Sonic and Tails' idle animations kick in a bit too fast compared to the older games. And...maybe add the Super Peel Out? Overall, though, this is a fantastic start to the project and I can't wait to see what else is in store for this amazing remake! I especially can't wait to see Mecha Green Hill and Gigapolis! Keep doing what you do best!


This game looks and runs great, and is really fun, and will even on my Mac through WINE!


Game looks nice and all, but control sucks. How the hell should i play this game on keyboard using arrows to move around and Z or X to jump? And this game doesn't support my gamepad, because i'm using non Xinput gamepad, so each time i'm playing this game, i have to play it on keyboard, and that sucks, especially when you can't change control settings. There are also many bugs and glitches, but i'm not gonna talk about them, simply because there is a lots of comments here about them. So yeah, until all this will be fixed, for me this game will stay unplayable, despite that it runs without problems.
Alright, I'm gonna get a lot of hate for this, because I know Sonic Chaos is currently one of the biggest and most popular projects here on SAGE 2018, but it's simply not as fantastic as people are making it out to be. Don't get me wrong, the visuals are spot-on with the style Mania established, and the music is on-fleek. But good looks and sound mean nothing if the game controls bad, and unfortunately, Chaos proves this to be all too true. Loops are very finnicky, with you often falling instead of continuing on the path the creators intended you to. The worst offenders are the tunnels, which kill all your momentum WITHOUT FAIL. It doesn't matter if you charge a spindash fully, your momentum will be killed midway through. Overall, the controls just really hamper the experience. It was also easy to get lost in Act 2. There's a lot of potential here, but with these frustrating physics, I just can't bring myself to like it.
I am so looking forward to this!! Good old memories of Sonic Chaos!! I can see good things coming from this fangame!!