Sonic 3 A.I.R. - SAGE 2018 Demo

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This is trying to emulate the Sonic 3 and Knuckles like if Taxman and stealth made it and for this demo... I am kinda disapointed at the lack of actually making it feel like one. The fact this is a "port" kinda more puts it into an emulator thingy. This feels like Sonic 3 but is Sonic heavier or lighter? Or faster? I got confused and stopped playing. This is still amazing and all and I hope it gets completed!
Game: Well then, It's impressive that you managed this port nonetheless. I've played S3&K a bunch of times and I will say that this is not so much of a remake than it is a port. I do like the ghost-based Time Attack modes and the fact you can put on a few filters to destroy the graphics. But not much otherwise, not a bad port tho. (if you somehow add a bunch of customizability a la S3COMPLETE i will love you forever)

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