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soooooooo good (I downloaded off
This game is amazing! I hope you can make the full sonic 2 HD
I don't need to say anything, the sprites and music speak for themselves :3
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Blue Force
Sega seriously needs to work with you guys, I haven't played the game yet and I know the game will be good.
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sonicsongwriter 183
PLS mac port when is it gonna happen i know this is in spare time and i respect that but mabye estimante
i think they alleady did because of how smooth everything is in sonic mania
they worked on sonic mania
A few bugs here and there as well as some clips and frequent slowdown but other than that this is definitely sonic 2, i wonder whats next for this project? also i wonder if knuckles will be included in this game?
Probably the best looking demo I've played yet. I love the art and I'd be willing to pay for a remaster of all the classic games in this style. My one major gripe with this right now is I couldn't seem to get Tails to fly. Not sure if that just wasn't implemented but I couldn't get him to do it. Besides that, most everything else is fantastic. I look forward to future updates for this and hopefully maybe SEGA will pay you all to release this officially.
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How would Sonic 2 look like in HD?
And now, almost 10 years later... we know the answer.
THIS is what Sonic 2 would look like in HD.
The entire thing is probably more beautiful than an entire art gallery. The music kicks SOOOO much ass. Chemical plant act 2 takes the spotlight for best looking, sounding and laggiest level of the bunch. I played through the entire thing with slowdown, but that's just because i don't have that beefy of a PC. And while people might say otherwise, this game doesn't NEED optimization. It'll just take away from the beauty of this masterpiece. The game plays amazing too: if i didn't know any better this could be made by Sonic Team themselves!
This is an absolute masterpiece, and holds up to so many other games in general. If you have a beefy computer, then try this out. If you don't have a beefy computer, try it out anyway! (Or just watch videos about it if you despise slowdown.)
i try it and i need 64 bits and i have 32 bits that because i give 4 stars..
I wasn't able to play it because it wouldn't run on my OS for some reason, but watching it was enough to convince me that this game is truly amazing!
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this remake is awesome they should add more in the future.
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This game is very very good! The animations and drawings in it are beautiful and the remixes of the original music are just... SO GOOD. But for whatever reason, the controls/physics just feel... "off" to me. I don't know what it is but it seems just slightly different to the point where it's very noticeable. But otherwise this is GREAT!
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i still have problem with the game but... whatever
I have my issues with the art style in a couple of places, and the physics aren't perfect, but I'd be lying if I said this wasn't a damn fine showing. It's almost a bit unfair. S2HD is a big deal, and it's probably one of the most high profile fan projects of...well anything really. So for it to be a disappointment would be shocking. The animations are great! All the little additions and details really go a long way in enhancing the atmosphere of the game. The music is masterfully crafted, and it's got such charm (the credits and pause screen). I did have performance issues, and again the physics aren't quite there yet. I really hope this gets finished, but hey I waited this long. Take your time.
There were some glitches, and I'm not the biggest fan of the way Sonic looks, but literally everything else about this game is mindblowingly good. Even the credits look really really good!

Without a doubt the best game of SAGE 2017.
This project is pretty good, I don't know why does windows detected it as a virus, but that isn't a big problem.
I had some trouble with the keyboard input, because I couldn't dash while pressing left/right key, I also had some dropped frames that weren't really annoying.
I also noticed that if you do a spin dash and you jump in a very presice momment you can convert your horizontal momentum to vertical momentum, but that only happened one time with sonic jumping in a capsule, so I can't 100% confirm that that was true.
I am very convinced with this project, I wish you good luck with the rest of the game, this is really worth it.
4/5 because of the inputs and the dropped frames
PD: Sorry if my english grammar isn't that well.
S2HD is just a stunning HD remake of Sonic The Hedgehog 2. All the visuals have been remade and game play is smooth. Everything in this game has an animation, even the backgrounds, all while being very detailed, fluid, and polished. Sonic and Tails also have some new animations that adds to the visual experience. The controls also feel identical to the original Sonic 2. The soundtrack is something noteworthy as well. There are random instances during game play where things don't behave as they should. One example is in Chemical Plant in as certain section where you're traveling at very high speeds through a section in act one. Instead of going through the loop into the lower section, I would fall through the ground to the bottom section. Another instance was in the options when trying to change view settings and the game closed. Nothing that's too major but it's something that I feel I should point out.

Overall, S2HD is a beautiful game to behold. I cant really put it any other way.
Amazing remake of amazing game. There no need more words.