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sonic 2

  1. Sonic 2 - Score Rush

    Complete Sonic 2 - Score Rush

    What if one of the most ignored features of the Classic Sonic series not only became the spotlight of the game, but also became vital to your survival? Well, we already answered this question last year, so what if we did it again, but on a different game? Sonic 2 - Score Rush, direct sequel to...
  2. Sonic AM2

    Sonic AM2

    Belated Sage 2021 epilogue: And a 1,000 Sonic fans wondered, 'why doesn't Sonic spin jump?' And 995 were heard to have uttered, '@!#?@! inverted mouse controls!?' In all seriousness, I actually had quite a bit of fun this being my first Sage, so thanks to everyone who gave feedback, posted...
  3. Sonic 2 Time Quest

    Sonic 2 Time Quest

    TIME 2 PLAY, ARE YOU READY? Sonic 2 Time Quest is a love letter to Sonic 2 prototype content of all kinds, lost and found. Follow Sonic and his new sidekick Miles 'Tails' Prower go on an adventure on West Side Island to stop Dr. Eggman once again. But, the doctor's got a new scheme up his...
  4. philipawalker

    Music Sonic Piano Collections

    Hi everyone! I've been a lifelong fan of retro Sonic games. Growing up, one of the only games I ever played alongside my dad was Sonic, and I came to love the games, the memories that came along with them, and most of all - the music. Nowadays I enjoy using my abilities on the piano to create...
  5. Another Sonic 2 Remake (2021 version)

    Another Sonic 2 Remake (2021 version)

    If you came here looking for AS2R, please note that this is an old and out of date version. The newest demo has it's own booth for SAGE 22! You can find it HERE! This project was born from my love of Sonic, animation and my fascination with the Master System version of Sonic 2. It was my first...
  6. Sonic the hedgehog Project A

    Demo Sonic the hedgehog Project A

    im working on this by my self no one else and its work and progress and it will take a while so yeah.
  7. Sonic 2 Chaos Adventure

    SAGE 2020 - Demo Sonic 2 Chaos Adventure

    Description This hack aims to be a different take on Sonic the Hedgehog 2 with new power ups to be used for each zone. Since this is a demo only Emerald Hill Zone is playable, but there will be more levels added in later releases. Features - "New" power ups added with improvements (Pogo...
  8. Mania Styled Sonic 2 HUD | Sonic 3 A.I.R.

    Mania Styled Sonic 2 HUD | Sonic 3 A.I.R.

    This mod replaces the HUD with a Mania Styled Sonic 2 HUD. Mod in action: This mod was made possible with the help of CarJem Generations.
  9. DPlex

    Sonic: Between Worlds Demo (SAGE 2019)

    "Sonic: Between Worlds" is a 3D Sonic fan project developed in Unity using SuperSonic68's "Bumper Engine". SBW consists of Sonic traveling through various iconic video game landmarks, such as Spiral Mountain from Banjo-Kazooie. The game will feature a story, and will explain why Sonic is going...
  10. zersfers

    Sonic 2 Genesis

    So I've been thinking of working on a new ROM hack. It's gonna be called Sonic 2 Genesis, and it'll be a hack of Sonic Genesis for the GBA. The title's pretty self-explanatory, it'll be Sonic 2 but worse. I need some help though: All the GBA hacking utilities I can find are all for Pokemon...
  11. Hill Top Zone: Animated Lava

    Hill Top Zone: Animated Lava

  12. Metal Sonic Rebooted

    Metal Sonic Rebooted

    Metal Sonic Rebooted is a complete heavy modification of Sonic the Hedgehog 2 with extensive amount of new art, layouts, mechanics, music, and features that in total creates a different experience. Story: Dr'Robotnik has built an advanced army of badniks to search for the Chaos Emeralds, and...
  13. GammaV

    Hack Sonic Legacy

    Sonic Legacy is a Sonic the Hedgehog 2 ROM hack that I've been working on since last October. It's a level layout, palette, and music hack with a few art edits here and there. This is the first Sonic hack I've worked on that made it past the first Zone, but is far from my first ROM hack as...
  14. Sonic 2 HD Demo 2.0

    Sonic 2 HD Demo 2.0

    Overview Sonic 2 HD is an unofficial overhaul of SEGA’s franchise classic for the modern world. It is made for fans, by fans, with no financial gain whatsoever. From the very beginning of the project, Sonic 2 HD has focused on maintaining the feel that has made Sonic the Hedgehog 2 a classic...
  15. Sonic 2: Sonic the Hedgehog

    Sonic 2: Sonic the Hedgehog