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Sonic 1 At Home is a Sonic 1 Rom hack that is a palette, level, and music hack of the first sonic game. It contains six "new" original zones, that use the same level gimmicks (aside from some instances where I do not use certain mechanics, and invent new methods of using old ones) in each level. Each of the levels is, instead of being divided between speed and slow stages, is now speed stages, and then labyrinth zone. It's a lost cause, plainly, for it.

This is not a joke hack. It is my first one.

Update: I have improved some of the music in the game so as to make the tracks more palatable on the hardware and improved Rust Zone's level design slightly, whilst adding more stuff to most of the levels before Grey Zone.



The short update history follows as this:

REV01: initial release. Contains a major bug where the audio cuts out after gaining a 1 UP, still has default Star Light Zone palette cycling.

REV02: Contains a medium sized change to Rust Zone, by adding fans that blow against the player while begging them to jump right into spikes.

REV03: Adds in palette cycling to Rust zone.


Thanks to all of these super players for doing things before I even knew that this was possible!

Sega - Engine, level graphics, and the majority of programming
Sonic 1 Disassembly team for dissembling the game
SonLVL, Midi2SMPS, S1SEE and several other teams for the tools I used to build this,
Giovanni of the Sonic Hacking Research Group forums, for providing useful guides for handling DLEs.
Many others for building tools, providing guides, and generally being helpful.

And you, for playing!


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