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SAGE 2022 - Demo Sakura X Clash -Last Millennial Spring- (SAGE 2022 DEMO)

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!-You're now seeing an outdated version fo the game-!
Check the link below for the most up to date version of Sakura X Clash!

Sakura X Clash -Last Millennial Spring- (Christmas Update)

Christmas SAGE 2023  Sakura X Clash -Last Millennial Spring- (Christmas Update)

Sakura X Clash -Last Millennial Spring-, is a IKEMEN-based fighting game, that pays homage to arcade classics such as The King of Fighters and Street Fighter.   sXc also uses NGPC-styled graphics and aesthetic, aiming for a simple yet deep gameplay experience, making the game easy to pickup and...

Sakura X Clash -Last Millennial Spring-, is a IKEMEN-based fighting game, that pays homage to arcade classics such as The King of Fighters and Street Fighter.
  sXc also uses NGPC-styled graphics and aesthetic, aiming for a simple yet deep gameplay experience, making the game easy to pickup and play for begginers, but with a lot of depth for those who want to master it.
  For more detailed info, visit us at!


Hanayo Suzuki:

The cheerful student from the 1st Sakuragawa High School, inexperienced in fighting, she uses improvised short ranged attacks, most of her combat style and techniques were taught by her friend Sakuya. Hanayo is capable of using a skill called Aura Awakening, revealing her true potential for a brief period of time.
See her full moveset here!

Sakuya Yagi:

Sakuya is Hanayo's hard working best friend. A big fan of martial arts movies since her childhood, developed her own fighting style just by watching those movies and trying to copy their moves. Being a sworn rival to Sayuri Hironaka, descendant of the family whose actors Sakuya idolized, she enters the tournament to test her abilities, settle her rivalry, and show her determination to the world.


Sayuri Hironaka:

The daughter of a multimillionaire family with a big tradition in martial arts, she is a student from the most renouwned school of the city, Sakura Academy. Using a modified version of her family's own fighting style, Sayuri focuses on speed and multi-hitting attacks, and is able to throw aura-based projectiles and power up some moves using her Aura Charge.
See her full moveset here!


Asako Fujiwara:

Despite Sakura Academy's prestige in various sports, its soccer team wasn't highly respected. Faced with the imminent threat of the team being disbanded, the silent goalkeeper rose in opposition, submitting to the role of second representative of her school in the Last Millenial Spring Tournament, with the aim of regaining her club's prestige. However, for that, she will have to put up with the difficult personality of her duo in the tournament. Ms. Fujiwara is a very direct hard hitter who bears some of the more punishing grabs in the whole roster.


Reina Hitokage:

From the Traditional School of Sakuragawa, Reina values honor, respect and discipline above all, and mixes her family's own Kenjutsu with traditional Kendou techniques, resulting in a dangerous but patient fighting style. She mastered the art of Shadow Puppetering, the final form of her family's fighting style, and is able to use it in many different ways during the fights, such as using her shadow to enhance her movement or placing and cutting training dummies in the arena. Reina likes to keep her opponents at a distance.


Mariya Koshizu:

The hotheaded kenjutsu practicioner from the Traditional School of Sakuragawa, sharing a somewhat healthy rivarly with her colleague, Reina Hitokage. Koshizu is the eldest duaghter from a humble family in the isle of Okinawa, and despite her grungy appearance might tell you, is a very heartful and responsible big sister. Mariya's distaste for rules and discipline show in her frantic fighting style, letting her burning emotions guide the battle, she'll happily prove to anyone that instinct is the only thing she needs to protect herself and Mr. Froggo.


Hoshiko Hanataba:

A student from the Public School of Sakuragawa, Hoshiko is a member of EMI's Gang, the most dangerous juvenile gang of the entire city, in which she is the 2nd in command. Hoshiko is also a extraordinary guitarist and leader of the metal band "Electric Wind God". During fights, Hoshiko mixes wrestling moves with electric attacks and her lightning fast speed to completely overthrow her opponents, fighting with little to no effort and always playing cool, she is someone you really don't want to mess with.


Lilly the Dealer:

A fugitive from the race known as "The Dealers", she is able to shapeshift into anything she wants to... I wonder why she is entering the tournament...



*Please note that the controls are configurable, and that gamepad controls need to be manually adjusted in the Options menu.
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Latest reviews

I loved this game last year and still love it even now!

+more characters? the star difficulty/archtype is so helpful when choosing a fighter
+ way more polished controls than last year's demo
+"winner" makes me laugh every time for some reason
+I love the alt characters and the minior attack changes
+the way you presented the game on this SFGHQ site is fantastic and I wished more people presented their games like you did.
+you made an entire website for the game? including frame data, lore, mechanics tutorial, fighter movesets AND showcasing the custom music? now THATS dedication!

cons (minor gripes):
-idk if it's possible in mugen's practice mode but the super meter should have an option to be recharging so it's easier to practice combos into supers instead of hitting the dummy constantly for meter. if that makes sense
-the scrolling background in options mode is a little fast, made me a little dizzy
-the scrolling text in the main menu is a little fast too
-I'm surprised you didn't update your youtube channel with each character and their moveset, I assume it would be a lot of work and it's more of a hobby.
-i didn't have time to finish arcade but I hope there is a future story mode where we can learn about each fighters' motive and interacting with other fighters. (you could use simple scrolling images and text blurbs for this)

I really hope your game takes off and becomes more popular in the future!
if you make a discord server and do weekly tourneys online, I'm sure people would love that!
fantastic improvement from last year, you should be proud!
Team Project Sakura X
Team Project Sakura X
Thank you a lot for your feedback, we will take this criticisms in consideration when updating in the future!
It is both in our plans to add a full fledge story mode and to make a discord server (keep an eye on our twitter and you might see it show up very soon).
Also, you can instantly recharge meter in training mode by pressing the Space key, is one of mugen/ikemen's default hotkeys.
And as for the youtube channel, those videos took a lot of time to make, and they kept getting oudated as characters changed constantly, but we do intend on return making content to it as soon as stuff gets more stable tho.
And thanks again for taking your time to review us!
Team Project Sakura X
Team Project Sakura X
thanks! I've joined already but good to know its up and running!


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