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Christmas SAGE 2023 Mega Man Y+1 - Operation X.M.A.S.


A bite-sized Mega Man adventure to save Christmas!

Or, at least, to save your misplaced presents.

All is not well in the Light household, who woke on Christmas Day to find their Christmas tree barren of its gifts! Bring back the holiday cheer by running, jumping, and shooting your way through Mega Man Y+1: Operation X.M.A.S., a festive sidegame to Mega Man Y+1 by LM Team!

Featuring 9 unique stages, you'll be taken to all sorts of locales in the hunt for your misplaced belongings. With fortresses made of gingerbread, summery beaches south of the equator, and even Dr. Wily's own chimney, there's no telling where you'll need to go. Don't dawdle, though - these levels don't pull any punches, and you've got time trial records to beat! Aim for gold!

The northern lights may be pretty, but watch your back!

Of course, you're going to want a powerful arsenal to help you blast through baddies. Dr. Light was prepared for this; get equipped with 6 brand-new Special Weapons to use on your journey! Start a snowball fight with Frosty Sentry, unwrap last year's unwanted presents with Mystery Gift, and go singing door to door with Carol Cast; you'll put a holiday spin on every robot you destroy! Just remember: you can only bring 2 to each stage, so plan ahead and pick the best tools for each job.

I'm seeing double! Six Mega Men!

Made over 3 months especially for Christmas SAGE, Operation X.M.A.S. offers both a fully complete experience of its own, and also an extra taste of what's to come in the upcoming Mega Man Y+1!

Maybe a certain other SAGE 2020-attending fangame joined us for a festive cameo, too...

Looking for even more Christmas-themed Mega Man action? Try out the Mega Man Christmas Carol series!


IMPORTANT: If you have a filter selected from version v1.0.0 to v1.0.2, the filter selected when updating to v1.0.3 and beyond may change. We remind all users that the player can press F10 at any time to instantly remove a filter.

- Global timer given its intended functionality - our bad! This is now saved as part of your save data.
- Slide and jump buffers should now correctly behave on ladders. This might break something? We don't know. There was a weird condition check that caused this bug to begin with and we don't know why it was there to begin with. Let us know if anything funky happens.
- Reindeer Dasher no longer crashes the game upon exiting a stage while it is still onscreen.
- QWS Left+Right no longer resets you to the Mega Buster, as this shortcut has no use when you are always adjacent to the buster on the weapon wheel.
- Certain enemies now give more favourable drops for speedruns.

Frosty Sentry zips haven't been solved yet on account of us still having no clue what's going on with it. It's unlikely we'll be spending more time with it in X.M.A.S., but if a fix for the issue is found in Mega Man Y+1, we'll likely backport it to X.M.A.S..

We hope you've all enjoyed your time with Operation X.M.A.S. - there's lots to see and do, so make sure you haven't missed a path! Big shoutouts to everybody who's been speedrunning Operation X.M.A.S., such as Enki, breeze, and Mega Marino, who have helped us catch a lot of bugs and given lots of useful feedback for Mega Man Y+1!

- Added a "Slide+Jump" option, which adds a new button that can be used to slide and jump with just one button press. This is best suited for the stage "Cyberian Stormwatch", but can be useful in other stages as well.
- "Speedrun" mode added. This option prevents the game from loading saved stage progress, allowing progress to be reset without needing to delete files.
- Glass blocks in "Rock in Glass House" now have a number on them to convey how many objects are currently stood on them.
- Minor layout alteration in "Rock in Glass House" to streamline the learning process after the checkpoint. These layout alterations make no impact to speedrunning.
- Cycles in "Overtime Shift" have been adjusted. This makes no difference to the fastest speedruns, but in the large room with clustered disappearing blocks, the player will no longer need to wait as long if they miss a cycle.
- Toyboxes now automatically close if stunned with Carol Cast, similarly to Gabywalls.
- Boss doors should now correctly interact with the post-completion special weapon.
- Reindeer Dasher should no longer cause the game to crash when the player is using it in a blizzard.
- The speedrun hotkey to restart a level has been changed. It is now Jump + Weapon L + Weapon R + Start.
- Reindeer Dasher and Gingerbread Men now can be spawned more consistently based on the amount of ammo you have left.
- Timers now pause when refilling health or ammo if "Energy Fill" is set to "Normal".
- Miscellaneous fixes and changes.
- Added 2+2. Found it to be 4.

- Spike graphics in "Down-Under Beach" have been adjusted for better clarity.
- The blizzard graphic in "Cyberian Stormwatch" has been adjusted for a less straining visual when taking up the majority of the screen.
- The blizzard's animation is now affected by the "Tile animation" option.
- The "Input display" graphic has been adjusted for better contrast.
- The "Input display" graphic now moves with the pause menu.
- Frosty Sentry now correctly aims at bosses.
- Menu descriptions can no longer be viewed while exiting a menu.
- The option for the Extras menu is now correctly titled "Extras" instead of "Special".
- The filter selection in the Extras menu has been slightly re-organised, to put the most visually straining filters at the end (visually disorienting filters are left as is).
- A delay between swapping filters has been added, with the more visually straining filters having longer delays in order to avoid player-induced flashing imagery.
- A bug preventing certain controllers from being unable to rebind their inputs has been fixed.
- Miscellaneous fixes and changes.

- Fixed remaining overflowing menu descriptions.
- The "Input display" graphic now moves upwards on the stage select for better clarity.
- The menu tooltip on how to view menu descriptions appears much faster.
- When using "Alternate slide", it is now easier to chain slides together without accidentally jumping out of a slide.

- Fixed some overflowing menu descriptions.
- MIscellaneous fixes and changes.


PROJECT LEADS: Stephen "croncrete" Gottier | Colgate | MelonadeM
PROGRAMMING: Stephen "croncrete" Gottier | MiniMacro Sound | Colgate
GRAPHICS: rcrdcat | MiniMacro Sound | eviemaybe | J8-Bit | Pebble | ThatArtisan | Stephen "croncrete" Gottier
AUDIO: MelonadeM | RRThiel | MiniMacro Sound
DESIGN: Stephen "croncrete" Gottier | Colgate | eviemaybe | MiniMacro Sound
ACCESSIBILITY: Adam Kosakowski | Colgate | MiniMacro Sound
OPERATION X.M.A.S. PLAYTESTERS: football | Mick Galbani | SulkySky | Omega Clartz | TwoTain | Sandpai | Bice

SAGE 2023 LOGO: PicsAndPixels | RummySM
PBN-002 DESIGN (cameo character from MEGA MAN PERFECT BLUE): Cruise Elroy

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This game is extremely well-made and fun to play. I love the division between Easy/Medium/Hard levels so you know what you're getting into, and the 2 weapons select per stage so you don't have a ton of weapon clutter to sort through in a tight situation. The level design and gimmicks are really creative and the filters were fun to mess around with, even if half of them make the game more-or-less unplayable lol. Overall I had (and am having) a blast with this game. Recommended for any Mega Man fan
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