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Lumiva Legacy (SAGE 2019)

Project Overview

-- Description --
Lumiva Legacy is a fast paced exploration platformer about two young multivas, Alex "Bingo" Rivero and Salamon Avery, on their journey to stop Daniel and his troops from invading their home of Neuo Town. Bingo and Salamon will have to put their skills to the test to conquer many challenges, defeat countless foes, and explore exotic locations with their various abilities and the help of Elemental Charges!

-- Controls --
Z - Jump
X - Action
C - Special

=Controller (Xbox)=
A - Jump
X - Action
Y - Special

=As Bingo=
Jump (air) - Kick Flip
Action - Spin Kick
Down + Action - Roll
Action (air) - Spin Attack
Down + Action (air) - Splash Bounce
Special - Aqua Dash/Aqua Boost/Aqua Burst

-- Discord Server --
If you would like to follow the development of the project or provide feedback based on public demo builds, feel free to join the MultiPup Studios Discord Server!

-- Notes --
If you have issues running the YYC version of the demo, I recommend trying the Non-YYC demo.

Screenshots and media!

-- Music --

Bonus Content

-- Characters --
Name: Alex "Bingo" Rivero
Age: 14
Type: Speed
Element: Water
Home: Neuo Town

Bingo is an absent minded, impulsive, and easily embarrassed teen. While some might see him as a bit of an airhead, over-eager to come off as cool, he has a great sense of adventure, empathy, and a mix of high awareness and intelligence. His speed typing is inherited from his mother.

He can perform a Kick Flip or Spin Attack to take care of airborne enemies. He can Spin Kick enemies or Roll into them on the ground and gain extra speed down hills. His Splash Bounce allows him to get back to the air while achieving a greater height. Bingo is also able to utilize his Aqua Dash ability when he needs to keep things moving or Aqua Boost to maintain a top speed.

-- NEW Since SAGE 2018 --
Not a lot has changed since then due to real life taking priority over development, but I was able to set aside some time to do some Quality of Life changes. For example, the amount of health you recieve from charges is now relative rather than set, making it so you can recieve the full effects of an elemental charge if your health is high enough. I've also got around to finally adding a stage clear screen, ditching the "Thanks for Playing" text that would usually appear when clearing a stage. You will recieve points based on your performance in the stage and will also earn a rank based on your total score. Try to go for an A rank in both stages!

Unfortunately, I did want to try to get Salamon playable, but a lot of things came up and took away time from working on sprites. It also does not help that this year's SAGE was announced close to when it was going to begin compared to past SAGEs where there was at least 2 to 3 months before the submission deadline. There may be a chance that Salamon will be playable in time for NCFC, so look forward to that.

-- Elemental Charges --
There are four unique Charges you can find during your journey.
  • Electric
  • Wind
  • Water
  • Fire
Each charge will modify the moves and properties of Bingo.

Electric Charge Bingo
Bingo's acceleration is increased and his Spin Attack and Dash is electrically charged!
-Spin Kick launches electric sparks
-Spin Attack becomes Electric Discharge
-Splash Bounce becomes Electric Stomp
-Aqua Dash becomes Electro Jump

Wind Charge Bingo
Bingo becomes one with the wind and recieves floatier jumps.
-Spin Kick has increased range
-Spin Attack has increased range
-Splash Bounce becomes Wind Bounce
-Aqua Dash becomes Wind Launch

Water Charge Bingo
As Bingo's element is already water, this grants him element synergy and allows him to take more advantage of his abilities.
-Spin Kick launches water spouts
-Splash Bounce creates a bigger splash upon impact
-Faster underwater mobility
-Can stay underwater longer

Fire Charge Bingo
Bingo can heat up the competition with his enhanced fire attacks!
-Spin Kick launches fireballs
-Splash Bounce becomes Fire Dive
-Aqua Dash becomes Flame Burst
-Now feels extra warm for colder environments


Darian Gonzalez (Plom510)
Lead Programmer, Pixel Art, Music, Concept Art
voice of Alex "Bingo" Rivero

Kreg Heckel
Concept Art

Andrew Wallace
Concept Art


Cocoshii Productions

Latest reviews

New to this website, and this is my first review.
Overall, I'd say that this game is pretty good, the music is awesome and relaxing, and being in the water actually feels nice and doesn't slow you down that much.

I feel like some of Bingo's animations are a bit stiff, for example when he kicks or jumps, but apart from that there are some smart mechanics of the game, and if the game becomes complete, speedrunners would gladly enjoy this.

There is a unique story, and this certainly is a unique character, with his design and story. Lots of effort has clearly been put into this, and you can tell that love has also been put into this game, especially with the music (I just cannot get over how relaxing it is!).
The enemies are fine, not the best or unique but good enough for obstacles.

The platforming in this game is really neat, and Bingo's mechanics need to be used in various ways to get through the levels. Another good thing about this game is that I could not find any bugs or lag at all, it is a smooth experience and it feels really nice.

I would recommend this game to anyone, although it is a bit short (of course, its a demo). Well done to everyone who worked on this, and I hope this game continues to grow and continue to get better.
This is pretty good so far. It has a lot of potential. . There's a lot to explore and the game itself seems pretty laid back, which isn't a bad thing. I did find the yellow roller thingies kind of annoying. They'd be hard to see if you were trying to go fast and suddenly you just get hit by one.

I feel like the sprites are a little bit stiff when walking and attacking but other than that, the game is very pleasing to the eye. I'll look for this at future sages
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I've been taking a look at some SAGE games, and out of all the Sonic/Freedom Planet inspired IPs, this one played the best. Though I will say, the side-profile sprites look a bit odd to me. Maybe make Bingo's sprites slightly face the camera in animations other than his idle pose? Also, the normal attack seems weak, and the animation for it seems a bit stiff.
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