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Hellfire Saga

Project Overview

Castlevania-and-Ghosts'N-Goblins-styled Sonic hack mixes our blue hero with chaos and bloodshed!
- Hurricane levels of infernal action!
- Instead of the ring system, advanced hp system is implemented.
- New bosses and badniks (demons made of blood and flesh)
- And lots more...

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Screenshots and media!

Bonus Content

We carried out a huge amount of work in order to bring this game for you to SAGE.
Unfortunately, time is against us and without proper support we cannot please you with the full release on SHC.
Therefore, we need the help of everyone who has experience in game design for SEGA console, especially the design of levels and artists.
Join us and get the opportunity to enter your name in this opus magnum.

Contacts of our public relations specialist:
Discord: FoxConED#8188
Email: [email protected]
HardLine team links:


Narcologer - Project lead, programming, main game concept, some boss and enemy sprites

TheBlad768 - Main programming, creating the HAGE engine, some boss and enemy sprites, cutscene, blood, weather effects, SEGA and title screen implementation, sound driver modification.

FoxConED - Hardline team leader, SMPS music creation, programming, sound driver modification.

mrcat-pixel - Art direction, level design, tileset and background creation, script editing.

VladislavSavvateev - Programming, HardLine screen implementation, sound driver modification.

Virussoft - Cutscene writing.

Gerry Trevino - Composing the main theme.

Vladikcomper - Programming, creation of the original SMPS VEPS sound driver, improved Kosinski, Nemesis alghorithms, Advanced Error Handler.

Novedicus - Programming, HUD implementation, sound driver editing.

Natsumi - Programming, moving lava and parallax engine implementation.

Firerat - Level drawing and camera implementation.

Flamewing - Ultra DMA Queue, improved Kosinski Module alghorithm.

Latest reviews

This is, without a doubt, one of the most interesting rom hacks I've ever played. As an avid fan of the old horror-esque platformers like Castlevania and Ghosts'n'Goblins, as well as a fan of Sonic, seeing it meshed together is amazing. The music is fantastic, some of the stages have neat little tricks (Like in Forest of Decay Act 3), and the HP system is very well implemented.

Sonic 3 has always been sort of lacking in the hacking department. With two very interesting hacks being released in the past year (this and S3K battle Race), maybe Sonic 3 can start getting the same level of hacking that it's two older brothers have.
I remember playing this at either last year's SAGE or SHC, and felt it was one of the most difficult Sonic hacks I ever played. Playing it this year I am glad the difficulty has been nerfed a great deal. I also love the stage layout of this build more than the last one. Speaking of stages, without giving too much away, it would appear as if the stages, at least in Forest of Decay Zone, play mind games with you.


I remember playing this at SHC last year, and did enjoy what I played. You went and improved nearly every single aspect of this game tenfold, this is a very enjoyable game and I couldn't wait to see what laid beyond each stage and bossfight.
As an avid fan of both Sonic and Castlevania, this definitely hits me in a good way.
The difficulty of the original was an issue for me, and I'm glad to see that this is no longer an issue, it's been lowered significantly.

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