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  1. The Bowyage(SAGE 2022)

    SAGE 2022 - Demo The Bowyage(SAGE 2022)

    Long time ago, in the 90's, an Italian-Argentine named Marcelo Padalustro designed a game called "The Bowyage", which was a medieval platforming fantasy game, however when he sent the game to Nintendo to publish it they turned it down. While Marcelo thought it was for the blood that the game...
  2. Super Mario XP: Remastered (SAGE 2022 DEMO)

    SAGE 2022 - Demo Super Mario XP: Remastered (SAGE 2022 DEMO)

    Super Mario XP - スーパーマリオXP "Super Mario XP: Remastered" is a restoration project of a 2001 fan-game called "Super Mario XP". Originally developed by a japanese with the nickname of CnC Darkside back in 2001, Super Mario XP mix both Mario and Castlevania mechanics. Making a cool and original...
  3. Hellfire Saga

    Hellfire Saga

    Castlevania-and-Ghosts'N-Goblins-styled Sonic hack mixes our blue hero with chaos and bloodshed! - Hurricane levels of infernal action! - Instead of the ring system, advanced hp system is implemented. - New bosses and badniks (demons made of blood and flesh) - And lots more...