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Grand Dad Mania Revived

Love Grand Dad

Excellent Demo 10/10 Five Stars
It's unlike any game I've played, good job.
I love aesthetics, the level design and layout. I love the playable characters and the way they each change the game play.
If you could add support for a gamepad, I'd definitely give 5 stars.
its a remake of grand dad mania,i dont have any words in this post
Gameplay: This one was pretty good, although its difficulty was on the rough side due to: Enemies not telegraphing attacks well, bad enemy placement, FUKCING KNOCKBACK, and only 3 hits (man i suck). But other than that, each of the three characters are fun to play as, the level design is very hit and miss, but good overall, and I (somewhat) enjoyed this game.

Graphics/Music: The graphics are absolutely stunning. The spritework on each of the three characters look so good with the environments looking gorgeous with a brilliant use of anti-aliasing as well as an excellent use of layers to really put a lot of depth into the background and tilesets. The music is also good, not pretty good, but good.

~6.4 silvagunner would be proud
Grand Dad is slow, i like the original Flintstones on Nes (also the Mega Drive game), but the game is awesome remake, i wish more of this.
-The Level Design
-The Weapons
-The Characters

-Grand Dad

I don't have a lot of room to type things but just know the game is fun overall and i've listed my pros above.

I've only got one con and it comes in the form of the only character i haven't mentioned. Grand Dad has issues to me, I still have fun playing at him, but from a more speedy like game Grand Dad is incredibly slow compared to the rest of the characters. I also doesn't help that when running Grand Dad seems to have a harder time using his climb move. Overall it just seems that Grand Dad can't really do anything the other characters don't do better, although I suspect his range might help him for bosses later on, but it's a bit hard to tell from just the sample size of 1 boss so far.

Despite my nitpick on Grand Dad I really loved this demo, and look forward to more stages and improvements thanks for taking the time to make this game for all of the fans like me.
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The level of polish and detail here speaks for itself, this is a legitimately fun and well-designed game! The music, sprite-work, and level design are all extremely well-done and I have to say I'm beyond impressed. This looks so promising and I can't wait to see what the future holds!
Like just look, IT DESERVES 5 STARS