1. The Magical Advenenture of Soggy Hoggy

    SAGE 2020 - Demo The Magical Advenenture of Soggy Hoggy

    This is a remake of "the magical adveneture of sanichegehog", a game that was made as a joke in an afternoon in 2015. We want to make original games in the future and wanted to try and get our feet wet with the Unity engine and try and put something very basic together, learning animation...
  2. Sonic Mania and Sonic PLUS

    Sonic Mania and Sonic PLUS

    Without a doubt, one of the most well-known Sonic memes out there is the &Knuckles meme. Just slap "&Knuckles" at the end of any title, maybe sprinkle the Echidna's head over the actual characters, and wham! Quality meme material! But why should Knuckles get all the glory? After all, the game...
  3. Prancer

    Fan Game Tails Desktop Buddy

    Have you ever wondered, "Man, I need a Sonic-ified version of Bonzi Buddy without any viruses or useful features?" Here's the Tails Desktop Buddy, a computerized friend that says random positive things(or suggest listening to music). It was created in LOVE 2D in about 2 days, and takes an image...
  4. Grand Dad Mania Revived

    Grand Dad Mania Revived

    DISCLAIMER: This is a non-profit parody game developed by a group of dedicated fans. The development team has no affiliation with SiIvaGunner or any of the copyrighted material's owners. The game is currently unfinished and will improve in the future. It also has nothing to do with the previous...
  5. B0M

    Fan Game Sonic Districts Fangame

    Well for my upcoming fangame Sonic Districts... I made a Fidget Spinner Badnik. Enjoy some pics. Also here's a video of the game so far.