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Christmas SAGE 2023 Frogun Encore


Frogun Encore is the sequel to Frogun, the lowpoly 3D platformer where your grappling gun is a frog (and your best friend!)


The Story

Three years ago, the young Renata saved her archeologist parents from the mysterious temple of Beelzebub, defeating the fly bois and their demonic overlord.
Now, when enjoying a summer vacation in her previous rival Jake’s town, the fly bois attack again! General Fluff, one of Beelzebub’s loyal followers has an evil scheme in motion to bring him back thanks to an unholy mix of science and magic, and Renata, Jake and Hatter will have to travel the whole world to foil his plans!

  • Explore colorful levels as you trek across the world – explore whimsical areas and environments in stylish lowpoly aesthetic.
  • Expanded fluid movement; jump, double jump, swing on ledges and poles, grapple, and use your trusty Frogun to navigate the environment in new ways!
  • Fight big bosses with no designated weak phases, hit them whenever you can!
  • Find secret areas or shortcuts by mastering advanced jumping & grappling mechanics! How nimble are you?
  • Collect emblems by fulfilling level challenges, and discover the stories of the characters through hidden diary notes.
  • Unlock hats for your characters and show off your swag!
  • A poseable photo mode to let you show off your creativity!
  • True Co-Op; play with your best friend and cooperate or race together towards the end of each level!



Latest reviews

Frogun Encore is a sure fire hit follow up to Frogun! I enjoyed the original Frogun and was really happy to see a lot of the same mechanics I enjoyed from the first game have returned, as well as some newly added moves and aspects that add to the enjoyment of the game. Visually the game looks more beautiful than the first entry of this series, which was quite marvelous to look at as well. I look forward to coming backand playing this one again after SAGE!
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Really fun game, the froggun related mechanics with grabbing and grappline were really fun, I hope there's a lot more interactions with it in the full game.

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