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SAGE 2022 - Demo Curse Crackers: For Whom the Belle Toils

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Help Belle the acrobat and Chime the living bell recover her kidnapped boyfriend from her rival Bonnie, who has suddenly returned with strange new abilities and a crew of trouble making, graffiti loving skeletons! It’s up to Belle to take Bonnie's new crew head on and get her boyfriend back!


I only played this for a bit but it didn't feel any different from the last demo for this game that I'd tried. You appear to be trying to emulate the hardware restrictions of some console I don't have any personal nostalgia for, so the graphics don't do much for me, they're nice colors but there aren't enough of them. It's nice that the game isn't incredibly difficult or anything though, just moving around collecting stuff and playing with a handful of movement gimmicks (ropes, bouncy things) to keep the player engaged.
So far, I think this has been the highlight of the expo for me. I had a ton of fun playing this and the game just feels good! The character has nice movement, jumping on enemies and performing acrobatics is super satisfying, stylistically the game is gorgeous and the music is very nice too!

The only improvement I would suggest is maybe having some kind of transition when the player dies and returns to the last checkpoint, such as a wipe to black and then back to the checkpoint. While the reload time is excellent and lets you get right back into the action, it can be a bit disorienting to immediately go from game over back to gameplay. This would give the player a bit more time to process what happened.

In conclusion, this was super fun and look forward to what gets done with the game, its world and its story in the future. I especially loved the boss fights; while there weren't very difficult, they take the game and level mechanics and use them in interesting ways.

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