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SAGE 2022 - Demo CODE Bunny (SAGE 2022 Demo)

General Information

The fast-paced 2D-Action game - CODE Bunny - is back on SAGE 2022, new and improved!!


The planet of Lumna is threatened by a group of terrorists called Mad Bunny! Join Axel and Hazel on their mission to fight them, as they discover more about the world and its people, in this fast-paced 2D-action platformer!

CODE Bunny is a momentum-based, melee-oriented platformer where the action is nonstop! Master both character's play styles to deliver flashy and exciting attacks that rip and bounce through enemies and levels!

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Artwork by @kansokushaaa

Demo Features:
  • Two playable characters with vastly different gameplay!
  • Your entire arsenal of attacks is available from the very beginning of the game!
  • Fast-paced combat! Fly into enemies to cut them down with the Ghost Crescent!
  • Beat down enemies with the Comet Arts - skills you can learn and master from the get go!
  • Traverse 3 beautiful levels with alternate routes. Replay stages to find the best path to get a high score!
  • Fight tough bosses where you'll need to use your arsenal to its fullest to find their weak points!
  • Listen to an amazing chiptune soundtrack made entirely in FamiTracker!
  • Meet lots of cute bunny people and chat with them about the world in the Talk room!

CODE Bunny has many memorable characters you'll accompany during your ride! But most of the time, you'll be seeing the heroes of this story: Axel and Hazel, in action!

Axel is a young man working as a tester for the latest invention of Lagos Hyperbolics: The VY Unit. It's a special suit created for advanced space exploration, but holds a mysterious power...

Hazel was assigned with supervising the VY Project for Lagos Hyperbolics, but Mad Bunny's attack meant she had to personally join the fight.


In CODE Bunny, movement and combat are one and the same!


Both Axel and Hazel have powerful attacks in their arsenal that also help traverse stages by taking advantage of enemy placement! Zip through stages with the Spin Attack and the Ghost Crescent!

The 'Aethr Barrier' protects Axel from attacks in exchange for EX Points.


Hazel's 'Shatter Point' always repels fatal attacks as long as she's above 1 HP.



>>>Controls can be customized in the Options Menu.<<<
Glance at the Instructions.txt file for more information regarding Controller Support.

Arrow Keys / WASD: Move

Z: Jump

X: Attack

Left Shift: Spin Attack / Ghost Crescent

C: Stomp / Arrow

ESC: Pause
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Latest reviews

Really liked this game, some solid platforming with cool pixel graphics :D


The movement/attacks could still be a little quicker and flashier when compared against the Berserk Boy demo, but I'm definitely liking how forgiving and variable the level design is here, every time I fell I just wound up somewhere else instead of being overtly punished. (Mini)boss squads are always good characters to fight against, the narrative feels a lot like Symphogear.
oh my god as a fan of Gunvolt this game is a dream! i love the different designs between the protagonists, they don't feel like any other character i've played as in an action platformer. the bosses (especially the one in the 3rd level) were also really fun to fight ^^ i'll keep an eye on the project
I like how different the two characters play and they are both very fun, the bosses are also very interesting and I like how they are a bit varied! My only real complaint is that I do not like that Hazel's 1-2-3 often runs her into he enemies hitbox, that feels a bit off but I truly do not have a lot of complaints outside of that, I am excited to see more!

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