SAGE 2021 - Complete Brooke Vs. World Doom


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Fun has been declared illegal, and Brooke Atomica's throwing a party!
An evil league of corporations plan to wipe out all things fun. Delicious snacks and drinks are nearly extinct, and it's up to Brooke Atomica to put in end to their reign! Rip through all 4 levels (made so far) each with unique objectives, weapons, and enemies. Battle your way through each level to earn Milkshakes! Your rating is based on your objectives score and time, so battle hard and as fast as possible!


Jaw dropping, body shaking action

Explore levels dripped in a tasty synthwave flavor with a stockpile of insane weapons, including a shotgun that spreads fireballs and an assault rifle that shoots electrified shurikens. Each stage has mechanics that Brooke can use to aid in her destruction of evil.

HighresScreenshot00000 LQ.png

Dangerous enemies can pack
a punch and will stop at nothing to
put in end to your shenanigans.


Wield insane weapons, each
with unique quirks that make
them come in handy in all sorts
of situations.


Battle through colorful locations designed
to ensure challenging-but-fair battles. Secret
pickups await in every corner, like extra ammo
and crazy powerups to mix things up!

This game is currently being developed and updates are put out often! This game so far has:

  • 4 playable levels
  • 7 insane weapons
  • 5 powerups and items
  • Hardcore mode for extra insanity
  • Full controller support (with 360° aiming)
  • Full mouse + keyboard support
  • A soundtrack lead by music composer NitroSparx
Download Link
This game is currently hosted on my page (couldn't get it to upload on here, oopsies) The demo is 100% free with all levels unlocked and ready to play!


Creator / SlyBalto

Art Consultant /

Writing Editor / Sushiie

Additional Animation / Taylor F. , KloxEdge

Additional Art / Brandt H.

Music / Nitrosparxx, Nindota, Aaron E. Watson,, buddyfrienddude

Sound Effects /,,

Logo Redesigner/ TemzyPlays

Latest reviews

This has been in my backlog ever since we've met and my God do I regret it. I was having a blast with this, the guns are so fun to shoot and destroy with. They are meaty and impactful. Brooke is also goofy and fun, in fact the entire game has this fun-loving atmosphere I'd say. The vaporwave-ish retro aesthetic doesn't go overboard and leaves plenty of breathing room for the stage theme at hand, I respect that. I really like the soundtrack too.

Some of the level design has a lack of 3D depth to it. You can especially see this in the gigantic Japanese tree themed level as you magic carpet from one floating red box to the next. You nailed it on the first level and in the first half of the arctic one though. It also tanks a little on my potato when the destructibles go and particles go out of hand, but it's managable.

Other than that, it's absolutely fantastic.
Wow thank you for the amazing review!! 💞 So happy you think the weapons are fun to use, was really trying to give every gun that "umph" that makes you feel unstoppable. I am soooo happy to hear that I got the aesthetic right!! I wanted to make something that's flavored in synthwave, but wasn't just a bunch of synthwave assets thrown together in a blender haha.

Yeah for the Ancient Tree level that was one of the earlier levels I built and I'm not too thrilled with the current state of it. I was trying to think of ways to revamp some areas of it as well as some other levels that don't feel that great.

I can try adding a way to tone down the particles too so it's easier to run too!

Thanks again for the awesome feedback, will start working on all of this ASAP! 😎
Wait, did I seriously call synthwave vaporwave? Oops
(Funny thing is I was inspired by both haha😂)


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