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BrazSonic 20XX

General Information

BrazSonic 20XX is an actual reboot of the BrazSonic series, with no links with any previous games. The reason for this restart is due to the fact that the BrazSonic 1 is already very outdated, and also BrazSonic 2 does not have been succeeded over the last few years.

The game is set in Brazil in the year 20XX (in some time of the 21st century), where the congressman Ivo Corruptnik, who dreams of being President of the country, seeks the Corruption Emeralds to make it true. However, his ambition implies chaos and destruction to the lands and citizens. Then the hero BrazSonic will come into the scene to stop him!

What's new?
  • Action stages inspired by the original BrazSonic, but with new designs
  • Old characters are back, but even better
  • Assorted Power-ups
  • New and exciting boss battles
  • More challenging 3d Special Stages
  • New game mode: Mission Mode
  • Offline multiplayer mode for 2 to 4 players!
  • Extra and unlockable content to find out!
  • Joypad support for PC and Mobile
  • Bindable touch buttons for touch screen mobile mode
  • Changeable color pallete for better retro-feel
  • Windows and Android versions
Download mirrors: Windows & Android


More info

Get more knowledge about BrazSonic 20XX and the BrazSonic series on the official website (English and Portuguese):
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Brazsonic! This takes me back! I love this reboot, it's a really smooth experiences and I greatly enjoyed the few levels I've played so far.
Strange and typical OC but the game is really cool, I like how it's complete with a map, settiings, cutscenes, and even the tutorial level! The levels were fun and well flowing for the most part except for the last level in the demo, some of the platforms were hard to get on sometimes and it took me 10 minutes to complete. Also, the special stage entrance and the stage itself is really cool!

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