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Ball Stars of the Animal Kingdom - Sage '21 Demo

General Information

IMPORTANT: This showcase will continue to have the SAGE demo uploaded for preservation's sake, but for further updates to the game, go to the page!

Ball Stars of the Animal Kingdom is an online-focused, team-based ball game with soccer influences.

Play as one of a cast of animal athletes, and work with your team to get the ball into the opposing team's goal. Jolene the raccoon, Jean-Pierre the mouse, and Poppy the pufferfish each bring their own unique abilities to the field, and working together is the key to victory!

My Twitter: @fickleshark | page

  • A cast of three characters with unique abilities and skillsets (more coming in future updates)
  • A variety of maps across different environments (more coming in future updates)
  • ONLINE MULTIPLAYER - Compete with and against your friends (single-player modes possibly coming in a future update?)
  • Play with either keyboard and mouse, or your favorite controller (full input rebinding is supported!)
  • Jolene, who is cute as heck
The SAGE 2021 demo contains 3 characters, playable across 2 stages (plus 1 prototype stage) through online play. Please check the included README.html for important directions for hosting a lobby.


Latest reviews

It's adorable. I want a Jolene plushie.

High Points:
+Full blunt, it's a really fun multiplayer game to play with friends! nice maps, great music, colorful graphics~
+Each Character has their strengths and weaknesses. Jolene is great at sending the ball flying, but there's a windup to her strike that you'll need to time. Jean-Pierre is great at interception, but tricky to control after the dive. Poppy handles Ball Control and Defense marvelously, but has quite the skill gap and REQUIRES you to manage their SUCC Meter properly!

Tripping Points:
-You'll need Port-Forwarding for the multiplayer. If that's a struggle for you and the group you want to play with, I'm sorry. Then again, what'd you expect? Dedicated servers to host rooms? That costs WAY too much money. I'm serious! Look it up! Over $1200 USD a year, on average! It's not economical!

Mixed Nuts:
=Jolene and Jean-Pierre do not have secondary Actions. Not yet, at least. I talked with the devs behind the scenes, and it's on the docket, but as of the SAGE 2021 build, it's not exactly a mandatory~
=Text Chat, or some type of Emote system for communication is also in the pipeline! Keep an eye out!
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I have plans for a relay server in the pipeline, so hopefully port forwarding shouldn't be required for too much longer! (It'll definitely have latency advantages, though)
good ball game, it works, it has grafiks


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