Sonic: Lock & Load v1.4 “Horizons” will probably not be at SAGE 2023.


As much as I'd love to present it at SAGE 2023, and garner even further interest in my silly little project, I've decided it's more important to prioritise the quality and completeness of the update.

The third level, Oceanic Fortress, is in a very incomplete state, and I don’t want to rush this level.

I rushed v1.4 back when SAGE 2022 rolled around and I ended up getting to a “Final Final Demo.”

Given the fast-approaching deadline of SAGE 2023 in less than ten days, I've made the decision not to rush the completion of Horizons for the event.

Instead, I'm focusing on delivering a polished and fully realised gaming experience, which unfortunately means that Horizons will not be featured at SAGE 2023.

Make no mistake - Horizons is still going to be at SFGHQ, it just won’t take part in SAGE 2023. So, no need to worry about that. This does mean you'll be getting a better game when it does drop. A delayed game is eventually good, but a rushed game is forever bad.

Yes – I'm fully aware that SAGE doesn't require I have a finished update to present. But I don't want to have to make a "Final Final Final Demo" for the sake of SAGE 2023.

That sounds a bit like a headache and honestly I'd rather keep working on it until it's ready.

I hope you guys enjoy Sonic: Lock & Load v1.4 “Horizons” when it does release! I’ve been polishing it up and adding all sorts of neat things, so it’s gonna be great, SAGE or not.

- Arsalan Kazmi (That1M8Head)
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