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Aug 20, 2020
Just wait. We don't announce when the next SAGExpo happens right away. Things are always planned out first.

1. its not the month/day yet, wait a little.
2. sage is cringe and hasnt been good ever since they started allowing non-sonic stuff. dont think about it as i can host a far better expo that sticks to sage's golden age.
Non-Sonic games has always been a part of SAGE since a very long time. I even remember Mario fangames in like... the early 00s? And an indie game in 2008 (along with other Nintendo fangames). Now stop being a dumbass because that "Golden Age" never existed.

Anyways, locking the thread since there is nothing else to be added here and the OP has already been answered.

I mean, can you share some of this stuff? You've said you got stuff saved in other threads too, but so far it almost seems like clout chasing since you haven't shared a thing, been just words so far. Even just a list of games, anything other than "yeah I have it" would be great.
I can assure you this I know this person and they're not clout chasing but I understand your skepticism lol
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