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Sonic Battle Sequel Help Wanted!

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Apr 7, 2023
Hello everyone! I'm excited to announce that we are currently developing a new fan-made game project called 'Sonic Battle Sequel' - a game that is wholly inspired and based on the famous Sonic Universe.

We understand that creating a successful game project is a monumental task - However, as die-hard Sonic fans, we are dedicated to delivering an exceptional Sonic gaming experience that's worth playing. So, we're looking for help in promoting our project and rallying up Sonic fans to support us throughout the journey. We could use spriters, animators and coders for this fan game.

We are confident that this new Sonic game concept has the potential to become something truly unique and exciting. But to make it flourish as it should, we need your help to spread the word about it. We value our community's feedback, which is why we opened up collaboration options with fans and Sonic game enthusiasts to have the best insight and create the best game possible.

We would love you to share with anyone who loves the Sonic franchise about our advent of Sonic Battle Sequel. As a community, we can make this game extraordinary and make the Sonic Universe stronger.

To ensure that we deliver the best product that Sonic fans deserve, we would be thrilled to have you alongside us through the development process. We will keep you posted with our progress through our social media platforms, and we would love you to share it with your friends and fellow Sonic gamers.

Lastly, we're excited to share that we'll be hosting a poll soon to vote for the official name of the game. So keep an eye out for the poll and participate in naming the upcoming fan-made Sonic game.

Thank you for your unwavering support, and together we can make Sonic Battle Sequel an epic game filled with Sonic adventures.
Not open for further replies.