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SEGA and Nintendo join forces


Green Hill Zone
Aug 13, 2022
(read this if you don't know how this started, otherwise ignore all this and cut to the chase) Back in the early '90's, SEGA and Nintendo had their first rival against each other, after the grand success of Sonic the Hedgehog, most Mario fans moved to Sonic and a few stayed with Mario, which was a good deal for not leaving the ORIGINAL classic. A few games were made, Sonic was able to crush Mario until Sonic X-treme.. the "first" 3D Sonic game made for the Saturn which got thrown out in the deep sea due for issues with the game and with the lead developers having health issues. Sonic turned out out be a failure after that, then came in Sonic Extreme, which was developed by SEGA and Backbone, but ended up being unreleased due to a leak online.

Sonic had some stumbles along the track following from the 2005 Shadow the Hedgehog, the GBA port for Sonic 1 and Sonic 06. All meant for the blue blur's 15th anniversary, which turned out to be the crappy year for all Sonic fans. Nintendo almost din't have to do any work but let's go on to the Adventure series, where it all started:

STORY: Sonic Adventure released in 1999 to make up with Sonic X-treme's cancellation. Then came Sonic Adventure 2, the first debut for Shadow the Hedgehog, but when the Dreamcasts wasn't doing so good, SEGA cancelled the Dreamcast and started being a third-party-company, so they would now longer publish games on consoles and mobile like PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo, Android, Apple etc.. then SEGA made a confirmation with Nintendo so that Sonic's games would be on a Nintendo system for all people to enjoy, even without a SEGA system or another stuff like that. That blew up the whole world saying that how is Sonic in Nintendo? And with that, Sonic was officially compatible with Nintendo.

But then the Olympics came, Sonic and Mario in the Olympics?! This nuked the entire world and completely had no faith in SEGA. But it turns out that Sonic and Mario can cooperate with each other, like Enemies to Friends. (I'm talkin' to you Naruto)

But now to the chase, I think Sonic and Mario is a good idea, at least it's nice to see them partnered up, BUT NO SHIPS OKAY (Sonario sounds nice)?! But Sonic was able to recover from the movies, TV shows and the NEW and NOT CRAPPY games (I'm talking to you Forces, Boom and 06), Sonic Origins just released but it got a heavy glitch pack but now a patch has been delivered. SEGA and Nintendo is now at peace, uNlEsS wItH sOnYyYyYyYyYyyyYyYYyYyYYyYYy


Green Hill Zone
Aug 13, 2022
yo its me! but this is unrealyed how do i delete project i accidentally added a sbr1.5!


Press Start Screen
Feb 1, 2022
not to be rude, but everyone here is probably either passing by for SAGE or is a sonic fan who knows this