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README! SFGHQ Rules & Guidelines

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Perfect Chaos Zero

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Apr 26, 2017
【1】About the Rules
1.1 - Every rule in here may be subject to change.
1.2 - Just because something isn't written here, it doesn't mean it's allowed. Common sense always prevails.
1.3 - Staff members will always have the final say when applying the rules.​

【2】General Guidelines
2.1 - Be civil towards others. Treat others as you would want to be treated.
2.2 - Racism, homophobia, name calling and hate speech in general are a 'no-no' and will result in severe punishment.
2.3 - We're not looking for new moderators currently, so please, refrain from backseat modding. If you see something wrong going on, you can either PM a Staff member or use the Forum's Report system.
2.4 - This is an English speaking forums. As such you should be expected to know English, if you do not have a proper grasp of the English language then this place is not for you.
2.5 - To help keep flaming at a minimum it's important to retain a certain amount of decency in your posts. By this, avoid swearing whenever possible. Normally swearing only makes you look like a bad mouth and in some instances just plain rude.
2.6 - These forums are not meant to be a place to discuss politics. Please try your best to stay away from polarizing subjects. SFGHQ does NOT have a political alignment and we couldn't care less about what's yours.
2.7 - Manipulating rules to find loopholes in them will result in an automatic permanent ban.​

【3】Illegal Software
3.1 - Any discussion of the locations of where to find rom downloads or warez/serial numbers are forbidden.
3.2 - You can discuss roms and warez, but you are not allowed to ask or provide links for it.
3.3 - Freeware roms are allowed.​

【4】Posting and Creating New Threads
4.1 - We all like to have fun put please don't overdo with the spam/shitpost.
4.2 - If a moderator believes a thread or a post is spam, they can lock/delete it at their own discretion.
4.3 - Locked threads will be deleted after a certain time frame.
4.4 - Do not create dumb and meme tags for your threads. If you don't have anything to tag them with, don't use anything.
4.5 - Thread necromancy (bumping threads that are more than a couple of weeks old) is only allowed if you have something important to say. Otherwise it's strictly forbidden and warning points may be issued.
4.5.1 - Bumping your own threads for updates is perfectly acceptable, however.
4.6 - Threads with content considered NSFW are not allowed. Period.​

【5】Guidelines for Fan Games/Hacks Threads
5.1 - You must provide substantial proof that your project actually exists. Once you have at least a couple of screenshots, you're free to create a thread for your project.
5.2 - Threads with only story and/or mock ups are not allowed.
5.3 - Creating threads solely for recruiting help for your upcoming projects is forbidden. You can, however, ask for help on the same thread of your ongoing project.
5.4 - Don't create multiple threads for a same project, if you absolutely must (as in, the project was radically changed and the old content no longer applies) please inform a staff member before doing it so.
5.5 - You can only create threads of projects that aren't yours with given permission from the original author.
5.6 - Try your best to make your thread look presentable. Threads with huge, bright-colored Comics Sans letters will be stripped of all styling.

For extra information, check out the Fan Games/Hacks Rules and Guidelines.

【6】Profile Pictures and Signatures
6.1 - All the rules and guidelines apply to avatars and signatures as well.
6.2 - Publicity is allowed in signatures.
6.3 - Signatures can't exceed 550px (of width) by 400px (height). And shouldn't be larger than 500kb in size.
6.3.1 - Text also is accounted for in total height. As a frame of reference: a regular line of text is 14px tall and the space between them is 6px tall.​

【7】Ban Policy

7.1 - If you feel your ban was unjust or if you'd like to make an arrangement to somehow get unbanned you can appeal to it via e-mail or to PC0 via DM on discord, unless if stated otherwise.
7.2 - Ban dodging is strictly forbidden and will be punished with no mercy.​

【8】Discord & Other Places
8.1 - As you may or may not know, we own a Discord server (you can find an invite link for it here) and that place is considered an extension of this forum, which means, the rules from there apply to here as well and vice versa and the same can be said for punishments. Please understand that what you say or do in one place will also be judged in the other end. If you get yourself banned from Discord, chances are, you'll also get yourself banned from here as well.

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