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Fan Game Old Sonic Fangame Trailer in Blitz Sonic Engine

Old Sonic Fangames

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Jan 4, 2024
Hello everyoneI want to know if anyone remembers a Blitz Sonic style fangame from Halla from 2012 or so, it was like Sonic Unleashed running in a castle or something like that, with shaders of a peachy color or less, the quality was not very good, it was a trailer of the fangame with the Japanese intro song of sonic x The video is old but I haven't been able to find it since I wish YouTube had an option to watch for years but I haven't been able to find anything

I would like someone to help me search to see if it is still on YouTube :( I have tried searching even with the title "sonic fangame trailer sonic x song" and I have not found anythingPlease help me, that video is Sonic history and it was great.

The video is similar to this one that I will post, it is clearly srb2 but the song is similar

and other similar video

Sonic Blitz3D UNLEASHED V2 (