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Need help figuring out the name of a Sonic fan game.


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Sep 15, 2020
Ok, so I am on a Sonic Fan Game kick after discovering the RSDK5u being ported to Android and being able to play Mania along with the other ports. I have found some amazing ports like Fallen Star, World DX, Freedom, GT, p-06 and others. Well, in my journey, I came across a YouTube video (that I cannot seem to find in my watch history) of a fan game with a Sonic Frontiers style hub (it was not Generations with the hud). I have checked my browser history on all my devices and YouTube Watch history on all my accounts but I cannot seem to find the video. It was 3d, looked like it was made in unity and had a frontiers style hud....I am practically pulling out my hair trying to locate this video and I am starting to think that maybe it was a video preview I watched on a YT search but nothing is coming up....PLZ HELP!!! Thanks all!!!💝