Engine for a Sonic Rush Remake?


Green Hill Zone
Dec 2, 2020
So as of recently I've finished playing Sonic Rush for the DS. The game is probably one of my favorite sonic games I've played as of recent. That got me thinking of a possible PC port if someone made it in style of Sonic 3 AIR/complete(that being having multiple options on how you want to play the game either the ds way with 2 screens or 1 screen). Looked it up and haven't found anyone all to interested in it. So I thought I might dabble in making a remake. Only problem is that I don't know how to code nor port the original rom to be playable on pc without using an emulator like drastic or no cash gba. Witch is why I'm asking for possible existing sonic engines that could work for a remake like this. The remake doesn't need to be a exactly like the ds version, I just thought it could be an interesting alternative. Or hell maybe it could be a one to one remake with some optional modifications. I'm just throwing the idea out there as a possibility because I really enjoyed my time with sonic rush and I think it would be fun to see it ported over to pc without the 2 screens, just 1.