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Fan Game Carlos Racing - Time Trial Build


Marble Zone
Sep 20, 2019
Frozen Island
Project Overview

Carlos Racing is a racing game heavily inspired by various racing games, especially Mario Kart and SRB2 Kart. This build comes with 4 tracks and a time trial mode which shows the basics of the project.

The tracks present in the build are:
1712546072023.png 1712546104085.png
1712546144974.png 1712546169818.png

The characters present in the build are:
1712545749972.png 1712545773995.png

Download link:

Screenshots and media!
1712546986888.png 1712547193601.png

Patch Notes:

Ver. 0.0:

  • Initial release.
Ver. 0.01:
  • Fixed sprite compression at different quality presets.
  • Changed the lava distance in N64 Bowser's Castle.
  • Glider movement more smooth.
  • The bounce against the wall was improved.
  • The drift values were increased to make it more closed.
  • Removed camera collision with solid objects.
  • Adjusted the camera offset to avoid angle errors in the driver sprites.
  • More animations were implemented for the kart.
  • Fixed wrong audio playing when reversing the kart.
  • Tire rotation when reversing was fixed.
  • The "hop" was implemented before start drifting.
  • More visual effects were implemented for the kart.
  • The audio system was redone to solve playback errors when having the "Unfocused Music" and "Unfocused SFX" disabled
  • Now when accelerating and reversing at the same time you can change direction while static and accelerate slowly.

Programmer, Directed and Created By: Karushi

Sprite Artists:
  • RemixeroArtz: Carlos and Puriel sprites and several menu assets

Beta Testers:
  • CuteyHead
  • Facundo Gomez
  • Yonatankr
  • Tsuko_G
  • Herek Robotnik
  • Fabrirp

Special Thanks:
  • Miokai for the "N64 Bowser's Castle" custom track for Mario Kart 8 Deluxe.
  • HourlyBoom79 for the "Sonic R Radiant Emerald" custom track for Mario Kart 8.